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Supper's Monster Additions 2018-11-19b

Many improvements to rando-monsters, including different stats and behaviors.

  1. wrong mod sorry

    wrong mod
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  2. bufgix update

  3. An update

    • Many new special attacks and some miscellaneous changes to preexisting ones. There are now 180 ranged attacks and 176 special attacks with 95 variants.
    • Followers now have health bars.
    • Pets scale better with player level.
    • Monster damage scaling reduced. Difficulty is still roughly the same since monster touch damage repeat timeout was also reduced.
    • Balance changes.
  4. There will be no more updates for a while

    • Planets now have varying amounts of monsters.
    • Some monsters are either Diurnal or Nocturnal.
    • Increased number of monsters per planet.
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  5. parasprite fix

    parasprite fix
  6. bossfix

    Fixed bosses
  7. FU compatibility patch

    Read title
  8. Largesize

    This update changes quite a lot of things. Do not expect monsters from previous versions to fully work with this version.

    Long List Of Things:
    • Monsters are now randomized differently. Monsters spawned from npcs or dungeons will now be randomized as well. However, due to a bug, dungeon rando-monsters have exaggerated stats, do not panic if one seemingly takes no damage from a particular element.
    • Randomized monster names...
  9. 2017-12-7

    • Improved knockback for special attacks that pull the player towards monsters.
    • More special attacks.
  10. 2017-11-26

    • Fixed ground monsters getting stuck on ledges.
    • Added 2 more special attacks.
    • Monsters with spider legs can now climb walls.
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