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Supper's Monster Additions 2018-11-19b

Many improvements to rando-monsters, including different stats and behaviors.

  1. New Attack Indicators!

    Major Changes:
    • Planets changed to only have 2 ground creatures and 1 flying creature. Spawnrates of each individual monster increased to adjust.
    • Decreased chance for ground-based monsters to have ranged attacks. For large monsters, the chance is now 80%, For small monsters, the chance is now 50%. Flying monsters not affected.
    • Visual indicators now pop up whenever a monster is about to attack. Affects unique monsters.
    Minor Changes:
    • Removed wall crash sound for melee attacks.
    • Reduced damage for some ranged attacks.
    • Quadrupeds can now have pounce attacks. Bipeds can now have charge attacks.
    • Elemental damage added for some ranged attacks.
    • Small flying monsters now have a new dive attack.
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