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Supper's Combat Overhaul 2021-3-29

Gear, enemy and combat improvements

  1. jUST a pLAYER
    jUST a pLAYER
    Version: 2019-7-21
    'Reduces difficuilty by a bit' I don't think so lol. Btw mod is awesome
  2. 0ctavian
    Version: 2019-6-15
    Hello. Can you make this mod compatible with FU, please?
  3. sniperaust
    Version: 2019-6-15
    Thank you for the update to 1.4. :)
  4. xxlegacy251xx
    Version: 2019-3-3 reupload
    love the mod and everything with it. now I need to find a way to make it work with other mods. also, are we going to see updates to other mods or are they only going to on this one.
  5. rylasasin
    Version: 2019-3-3 reupload
    What funky said. Nobody likes bullet sponges.
    1. SentientSupper
      Author's Response
      Monsters die in 5 seconds. That isn't bullet spongy at all.
  6. Funky255
    Version: 2018-2-25
    Not a good overhaul, basically makes every enemy a sponge, just makes every fight longer, doesn't really make any strategic improvements. Unbalanced.
    1. SentientSupper
      Author's Response
      Git gud. The mod isn't made for everyone. Personally I find it too easy.
  7. DVJhones
    Version: 2018-2-22
    I think this is a good mod, but the link is broken pls Fix it
    1. SentientSupper
      Author's Response
      Link will be refreshed. If you have a problem, please put it down in the discussions thread instead of posting a review about it.
  8. blazxred
    Version: 2018-1-9
    the one mod that should be in vanilla game. 10/10
  9. Zenneuer
    Version: 2018-12-31
    This is overall a pretty awesome mod. The monster are powerful and cool, the weapons are unique and powerful, the enemies are so smart that you feel like you're fighting another person. My complains for this mods are few like sometimes the hostile NPCs swings their weapons inhumanly fast or their health scaling are sometimes too high, turning the fight into a mindless slugfest rarther than the usual strategic fights, but for a mod that just came out, this is amazing. Five stars!
    Also maybe you should make the NPCs able to swim and come with you on mech mission too