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Super Smash Bros Ultimod 0.1.7

Adds Super Smash Bros themed content to your game, because yeah.

  1. Super Smash Bros Ultimod: Update 0.1.7

    UPDATE 0.17 EDIT: A whole bunch of new items in this update, a lot of which is thanks to The Marxman on Steam! There's also a bunch of new hats, which is COMPLETELY thanks to The Marxman. That isn't to say I didn't keep busy, though, as I fiddled with the aesthetics of the Sandbag Stall a fair bit, tried out adding a Codex and an Augment (The latter is, uh, a test. Keep you posted on that one LOL. I mean, it works, it just doesn't do anything other than look cool, so heads up on that LOL), and added another drink to the vending machine. And then there's a handful of decorative object I made myself. There's a couple of holiday things included in those items, tried to fill some holes the base game missed. You know, with Smash Bros themed junk. And I'm gonna go ahead and change the mod version name to something a little more properly formatted, so there's that.
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