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Super /sbg/ Race Mod 0.17

Eight (possibly more) exotic alien races from the depths of the Internet to spice up your galaxy!

  1. 1.3 update

    Wall of Knowledge
    Your mechs should now all work properly!

    Two new races! Harpies and @Ty525's Marli!
    harpy.png duripods.png

    Barometta head/hair file structure's been reworked again, and three wonderful new hair styles from @Engela have been added!

    Lunarian emotes (should be) fixed!

    Probably a whole bunch of other stuff I've since completely forgotten about because I keep going on unplanned hiatus!

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  2. Hotfix 0.13d

    Wall of Knowledge
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  3. 0.13c, or maybe 0.16c since i checked my mega drive and found a 0.15

    Wall of Knowledge
    IMPORTANT: When extracting the archive into your mods directory, use 'extract here'. If you end up with a 'Super SBG Race Mod' folder inside a 'Super SBG Race Mod-0.13c' folder, you did it wrong!

    If the modding repository doesn't properly update the download link again, make sure you get the latest version from here: https://mega.nz/#!9RIimIzA!w0wt-KPIhNQfHcuCxGp4-TcgIvmT2CWE53scRF6O0Ag

    The next version will be 0.17 for sure, to alleviate any possible confusion...
  4. Crisis ACTUALLY averted and also some other stuff

    Wall of Knowledge
    0.13b hotfix:
    -Fixed numbering convention because I wasn't paying attention
    -Fixed respawn cinematics so they won't crash (again, but for real this time)

    Other additions:
    -First Barometta racial weapon added (currently only availible via /admin) pending balance changes: Barometta use Heavy Cannon weapons with high damage and a low rate of fire.
    -Second pass on racial abilities:
    --Gamayun racial effect: Psychokinetic (immunity to fall damage)
    --Cardont/Ichthysian shared racial effect: Gilled...
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  5. Crisis Averted

    Wall of Knowledge
    0.13a Hotfix:
    -Fixed respawn cinematic files for all races
    -added .metadata file
  6. Starbound 1.0!

    Wall of Knowledge
    Also known as the "Hell, it's about time" update. A lot of the new stuff this update adds is incomplete, but now that I've got the mod up to date and beachheads established, I should be able to begin a content blitzkrieg.

    -Lunarian profile picture added
    -Teleporter colors added
    -Custom Tech Station silhouettes for Barometta, Gamayun, and Singularnosti added
    -First dialog pass:
    --apex, avians, florans, and glitch have custom lines for conversing with mod races
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  7. download link fixed

    Wall of Knowledge
    Somehow, either MegaSync or CF's website played a prank on me and gave me the link for 0.12 when I uploaded 0.12c, and I hadn't noticed earlier on account of being out and about all day, so that should be fixed now. :nuruconfused:

    EDIT: Surprise, it isn't! Chucklefish's mod uploader isn't updating the link for some reason, so use this link instead:
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  8. LukewarmFix

    Wall of Knowledge
    -Fixed borked moon weather
    -Singularnosti ships now functional (up to t3 (fully repaired); further upgrades may still be bugged)
    -Added two new optional files for monogendered Florans- make them male-only or female-only
    Make sure you're running version 0.12c for all fixes!
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  9. Hotfix 2: Into The Trash It Goes

    Wall of Knowledge
    Restored the missing trash bin that was preventing completion of the Hylotl comedian's first quest.
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  10. colony hotfix

    Wall of Knowledge
    Updated 'tags' and 'tagCriteria' to 'colonyTags' and 'colonyTagCriteria' to ensure proper function of Colony Deeds and Colony Deed accessories.