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Super /sbg/ Race Mod 0.17

Eight (possibly more) exotic alien races from the depths of the Internet to spice up your galaxy!

  1. 0.13c, or maybe 0.16c since i checked my mega drive and found a 0.15

    Wall of Knowledge
    IMPORTANT: When extracting the archive into your mods directory, use 'extract here'. If you end up with a 'Super SBG Race Mod' folder inside a 'Super SBG Race Mod-0.13c' folder, you did it wrong!

    If the modding repository doesn't properly update the download link again, make sure you get the latest version from here: https://mega.nz/#!9RIimIzA!w0wt-KPIhNQfHcuCxGp4-TcgIvmT2CWE53scRF6O0Ag

    The next version will be 0.17 for sure, to alleviate any possible confusion (unless it's 0.2).

    Mostly bugfixes this time around:
    -Fixed a dialog bug that was killing colony tenants when summoned
    -Fixed barometta and beldehor voices
    -Fixed Beldehor and Singularnosti tier-1 armor crafting
    -Fixed beldehor AI image in the initial post-tutorial quest
    -Added proper names to Barometta and Lunarian starting clothes
    -Re-implemented old Beldehor mod weapons/most of their recipes
    -Dummied out Singularnosti ship until it can be completed

    -Added a compatibility patch for Madtulip's Spaceship mod (thanks to the anon who whipped it up!)

    Known bugs:
    -Various emote sheets still aren't fixed; I'll get around to them eventually
    -Non-Beldehor races have no SAIL sprite for the initial post-tutorial quest

    Not a bug: The Beldehor AI doesn't properly display when activating SAIL: this is tied to the ship object and will be fixed when it's replaced

    Coming Soon™ to 0.17/0.2:
    Thanks to @Ty525 for being open to collaboration so that the Marli race could be realized!
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