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Sundra's Saloon [v0.6.3]

It's high noon, boys.

  1. G.Xyon

    Ever needed a little bit more variety in your gun department? Is your gun merchant not rugged enough? Do you enjoy sand in your boots?

    If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you're welcome in Sundra's Saloon!


    "So, what's all this about?"

    Sundra's Saloon is an instance which you can access through a craftable teleporter, made through the Engineer's Table.

    Sundra himself, the bartender, sells you a variety of weapons for you to use! What kind of weapons you may ask...?

    The current selection in Sundra's Gunsmith shop are as follows:
    • Hanguns
      • Colt: Single-handed standard-Issue handgun. Well rounded.
      • Magnum: Single-handed heavy-caliber handgun. Slow, but powerful.
      • Repeater: Single-handed machine-gun handgun. Really, really fast.
    • Revolvers
      • Western Sand: Single-handed revolver. Fairly quick for a revolver, but innacurate.
      • Dotted Peacemaker: Single-handed revolver. Trade fire speed for accuracy.
      • Sundra's Blindspot: Single-handed revolver. Perfect accuracy and fairly quick, but high energy drain.
    • Semi-Auto Clockwork-Type Rifles (Semi 3-Round Burst for Alt)
      • Clockwork Type-I Rifle: A single-shot rifle with a RoF restraint. Good damage, but the manual trigger turns people away.
      • Clockwork Type-II Rifle: A single-shot rifle with the RoF restraint removed entirely. It shoots as fast as you can click!
      • Clockwork Type-III Rifle: A single-shot rifle with a reinforced RoF restraint. Slower than Type-I, but sturdy enough to house homing bullets.
    • Crossbows (Erchius Launcher for Alt)
      • Single-Bolt Impaler: A crossbow with a single bolt that lingers after landing. Strong and sturdy, but slow.
      • Tri-Bolt Impaler: A crossbow with triple bolts that linger after landing. Has a decent spread.
      • Seeker-Bolt Impaler: A crossbow with triple bolts that linger after landing, and have homing capabilities. Has slightly less damage.
    • Assault Rifles (Flashlight for Alt)
      • 2-Burst Cosmic Shower: A 2-short burst assault rifle. A good balance between burst and auto.
      • 5-Burst Cosmic Shower: A 5-shot burst assault rifle. For those who really like burst weapons.
      • Auto Cosmic Shower: A fully-automatic assault rifle, for when you just need a shower of bullets.
    • Beam Rifles (Energy Lance for Alt)
      • Wide-Frequency Beamsplitter: A beam rifle that emits a slow green energy beam. Slow, heavy damage.
      • Med-Frequency Beamsplitter: A beam rifle that emits a paced blue energy beam. Decent speed and damage.
      • Short-Frequency Beamsplitter: A beam rifle that emits a speedy magenta energy beam. Quick and minor damage.
    • Shotguns (Vapor Trail for Alt)
      • 2-Burst Metal Rain: A dual-barreled shotgun. Fires two-volleys of bullets at a time.
      • Auto Metal Rain: A multi-chambered shotgun, fully automatic for devastating blows.
      • Shrapnel Metal Rain: A multi-chambered shotgun chock-full of shrapnel. Shrapnel bounces off walls.
    • Rocket Launcher (Varying Alt)
      • Groundtrapper: Launches grenades for primary, a proximity mine launcher for the alt. Truly the king of ground control.
      • Air Enforcer: Launches a rocket missile shell, while deploying gravity-defying bombs. Control the air with raw power.
      • Clustering Barrage: Deploys 5 arching rocket missiles, while the alt sends one homing after your enemies. None can escape it.
    • Sniper Rifles
      • Antique Hunter's Scope: A slow-yet-powerful sniper rifle. A little old, but still works.
      • Marksman's Sight: A good sniper rifle meant for hunting animals, and possibly bounty.
      • Hitman's Assistant: An extraordinarily fast sniper rifle, with a weird knack for firing two bullets at once.
    • Hand Cannons
      • 1-Shot Heavy Magnus: An exaggerated two-handed hand-cannon. Fires one lone heavy-caliber round. Near-perfect aim.
      • 2-Shot Heavy Magnus: An exaggerated two-handed hand-cannon. Fires two shots at once with some slight inaccuracy.
      • 3-Shot Heavy Magnus: An exaggerated two-handed hand-cannon. Fires three shots at once with some manageable inaccuracy.
    Of course, as any gunsmith would know, the universe is a big place, and for resilient targets, you need even more resilient guns! Right beside the gunsmith is a handy Gun Upgrade Machine, specifically designed to upgrade your weapons to the next tier... at the right price, of course!


    Don't settle for random guns from who-knows-where any longer! Get your Gunslinger Approved guns from your local Gunsmith Bartender today!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Shooterguy1220
    Version: [v0.6.3]
    This is awesome. Starbound needs more mods like this. Keep up the great work!
  2. amirmiked12
    Version: [v0.6.3]
    i just installed it ..I love it.
    let's see more in updates
  3. mushy369
    Version: [v0.6.3]
    amazing mood with a fun little quest. A must download if you want a cozy little place to buy awesome guns