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Steam Punk v0.3.2(Beta)

Steampunk Civilization with all the stuffs and glory!

  1. v0.2.0 (Beta)

    - Integrate all the stuffs into the Steam Workshop so it won't disturb your other vanilla, you could make the Steam workshop at the tier 1 Inventor's table
    - The Cooking Craftingtable "Steam Stove" and the Weapon Craftingtable "Steam Armory" is available in the Steam Workshop
    - Correcting some Recipes
    - Making the blueprints available when you're not using /admin command
    - Correcting some values for the prices
    - Some Tooltip/Description

    Added 1 weapon crafting table "Steam Armory"
    Added 1 weapon with expandable WEAPON TREE Upgrades
    the "Blunderbuss"

    The Tier 1 Blunderbuss

    The Tier 2 Alt 1 Blunderbuss "Big Blunder"

    The Tier 2 Alt 2 Blunderbuss "Copperbuss"

    The blueprint of tier 2 will be unlocked when you create the tier 1 weapon, and the same, after you create the tier 2 you will automatically unlock the blueprint for tier 3 and the alternatives,
    i only give 3 examples, discover yourself the excitement of Discovering and Upgrading yet unknown weapons!
    (Up to Tier 3 in this Update)

    The original art of Blunderbuss is created by Qtw

    Please tell me whether is balanced or not, or even grammatical mistakes, and your opinion so i could make this mod better and better

    also accepting suggestion, help, and art submission! (very need this)
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