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StarTech Alpha v0.29-4d530ea

Transmatter networks! Technological advancements like you'd expect in a universe like Starbound's!

  1. Natnab
    Version: Alpha v0.29-4d530ea
    This is an amazing solution to the storage problem for both collectors and hoarders. The best part is, you can still have the aesthetic of various containers, without having to dig through them every time you need that one item.
  2. bob160484
    Version: Alpha v0.29-4d530ea
    AE in starbound! easy to use and looks good. (all you need to add now is the ability to link the systems across planets)
  3. Black Rose
    Black Rose
    Version: Alpha v0.03-1e899de
    Welp, I will need help to set my networks up. Nice mod you've got there! (but it's a bit complicated at first, once I figure this out I will give you 6 stars for this)
  4. qualiyah
    Version: Alpha v0.02-1def177
    Easy to use once you figure it out. Allows high-tech compact storage so you don't need gazillions of chests or storage lockers. The art looks nice too.
  5. PureDrake
    Version: Alpha v0.01-c3f7b1e
    AE, was probably the most fun I had In minecraft I hope you'll add the features of the AE2 also :)
  6. LoPhatKao
    Version: Alpha v0.01-c3f7b1e
    Applied Energistics inspired storage in Starbound?

    Shut up and take my pixels! ;)
  7. thaelina
    Version: Alpha v0.01-c3f7b1e
    So this is amazing. I was hoping someone would bring this to Starbound. I'm relly looking forward to where this goes next.