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StarTech Themed 2.0 1.2

Super advanced storage, in STYLE!

  1. *Throws content and tweaks at you all*

    -Descriptions for some itens were added to all vanilla playable races, and some modded races when it applies.
    -Novakid/Steampunk themed drivebay got a dirty fix for its lights. This drive and a few others only display properly when facing right.
    -FIXED the Avali not learning their blueprint! Also, you need to craft the original transmatter controller to craft the Avali version. *WARNING* if you made the Avali models before this update, they WILL VANISH. Be sure to remove them before updating to this version and deleting them from your inventory.
    -The Frackin Universe furnaces now can output resonite! And also a few other things the StarTech furnace did. The output is STILL high, as much as I tried to lower it. Balance comes later, I guess. Since few things need resonite, I might increase how much resonite they need.
    -I goofed and replaced the outpost controller lit texture file. It's fixed now.
    -Some drivebay icons are now actual ICONS. THEY LOOK SO TINY!
    -Added Floran and Wooden themes. These may need some tweaks.
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