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Outdated Starstructor, the Starbound toolset 0.7.5145.12730

Starstructor is a graphical .dungeon and .structure (ship) editor

  1. Changelog v0.7.5145.12730 (hotfix)

    Changelog v0.7.5145.12730 (hotfix)
    1. No longer forces serialization of dungeon brush attribute connector-value.
    2. Serialize connector brushes created through the wizard correctly.
    3. Connector brushes created through the wizard no longer require reloading the dungeon to display correctly.
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  2. Changelog v0.7.5145.7246

    Changelog v0.7.5145.7246
    1. Object orientations now correctly display when no anchor is defined.
    2. Objects with the FlipImages property defined now correctly flip their image.
    3. Mono support (v3.2.3) added. The editor may not be completely stable when run using Mono.
    4. Brushes are now correctly unselected after deleting them
    5. Various other bugfixes
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  3. Changelog v0.7.5143.8266

    Changelog v0.7.5143.8266
    1. Dungeon and structure JSON files are now saved when saving work.
    2. Brushes can be added (through a new wizard) and deleted.
    3. Parts can be added (through a new wizard), resized, and deleted.
    4. Asset browser added.
    5. All assets are now loaded when starting up Starstructor.
    6. When selecting an individual layer, all other layers in the part now have lowered opacity, rather than not showing up at all.
    7. Many attributes are now editable through the...
  4. Changelog v0.6.5117.25717

    Changelog v0.6.5117.25717
    1. Better log output when frames files are missing
    2. Disabled JSON file saving temporarily
  5. Changelog v0.6.5116.33465

    Changelog v0.6.5116.33465
    1. Undo/redo added.
    2. GUI overhaul.
    3. Shortcuts for many functions added.
    4. JSON files are now saved when you save work.
    5. Various bug fixes.
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  6. 0.6.5104.13788

    Changelog v0.6.5104.13788

    1. Object orientations now display correctly in the editor.
    2. Objects which change orientation based on anchor point now work correctly.
    3. The screen is now correctly updated when placing or removing a tile.
    4. Added a view menu, with the ability to toggle collision map display. This is very useful in ship mode.
    5. The parts list label now correctly updates when you change part.
    7. The liquids, tar and tentaclejuice, will now display.
    8. Application...
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  7. 0.6.5100.6501

    Changelog v0.6.5100.6501
    1. Starbound Toolset is now known as Starstructor.
    2. Fixed a bug that would cause the bottom bar to update slowly when moving the mouse quickly.
    3. All colour maps are now converted to 96 DPI when loaded.
    4. Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to draw a connector on the graphics map.
    5. Selection previews will now display in colour map editing mode.
    6. Liquids and special brushes will now show a preview appropriately.
    7. Introduced a new...
  8. 0.6.5099.7660

    Changelog v0.6.5099.7660
    1. Fixed a bug introduced in the last release that would cause colour map drawing to be incorrectly positioned.
    2. The bottom bar grid coordinates will now correctly display when out of the image.
    3. Borders are now drawn around the image to show bounds when in graphical display mode.
    4. F5 can now be used as a shortcut to redraw your current active part or layer.
  9. v0.6.5099.4960

    Changelog v0.6.5099.4960
    1. Object previews when an object brush is selected now display correctly.
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  10. Starbound Toolset

    Changelog v0.6.5098.7604
    1. Ship files can now be opened in the toolset.
    2. Dungeon and ship colour maps can now be edited in the toolset.
    3. Drawing with a brush will draw to the currently active layer. If you draw with a part selected, it will draw to the first layer. Please keep this in mind when designing your dungeon.
    4. Modified dungeon and ship colour maps can now be saved.
    5. The toolset now uses 50%-95% less memory when opening large projects.
    6. All user interface...