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Outdated Starstructor, the Starbound toolset 0.7.5145.12730

Starstructor is a graphical .dungeon and .structure (ship) editor

  1. 0.6.5100.6501

    Changelog v0.6.5100.6501
    1. Starbound Toolset is now known as Starstructor.
    2. Fixed a bug that would cause the bottom bar to update slowly when moving the mouse quickly.
    3. All colour maps are now converted to 96 DPI when loaded.
    4. Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to draw a connector on the graphics map.
    5. Selection previews will now display in colour map editing mode.
    6. Liquids and special brushes will now show a preview appropriately.
    7. Introduced a new experimental redraw mode. This will redraw only the tiles in a radius around where a new tile has been placed. To enable this, set the useNewSelectiveRedraw flag to true. To edit the radius, change arbitraryRefreshGridCountX and arbitraryRefreshGridCountY. Using this drawing may result in partially-redrawn objects outside the redraw radius.
    8. Eyedropper tool added. Right click to select the tile currently under your mouse. Note that this selects only on your active layer, or the first layer if selecting a part.
    9. Screen grab tool added. Press F10 to take a full-sized screenshot of your currently open part. This will be saved to your Starstructor directory. You can use this as a size reference to design ship overlays.
    10. Application icon added.
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