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Starstache V2.8.6 (Spirited Giraffe)

Tiered mustaches for the planet-hopping gentleman in all of us!

  1. desert megaderp

    It turns out the desert terrain features patch I wrote was absolutely awful. Man, I suck at those sometimes. Anyway, it's fixed, it shouldn't destroy your worlds anymore.
  2. oops

    dangit, I keep uploading these updates and forgetting to actually upload the mod file :p
  3. Durastache Bow OP

    Another weekly update done!
    In this one:
    the durastache bow!
    the first actually sci-fi looking thing I've managed to shoehorn in in too long.
    As for the dungeon progress, I've gotten the two main bricks of the first dungeon finished (and it took more time than it has any right to :p)

    Other than that, check out the poll I've set up (link on the main page) and, as always,
    Stay classy, everyone.
  4. See below, accidentally forgot to actually UPLOAD the thing :P

    woops, got a little too excited there :pPP
  5. Woo! (technically) on schedule!

    Yay, back to weekly updates!
    Nothing particularly huge, this update, but I did add:
    - a beginner's 'stache guide! look through this before you post that something isn't working. It answers 75% of the questions you guys ask.
    - the golden...
  6. oops!

    sorry, last update broke a few things. Major things. It's fixed now, though!
  7. It's aliiiive! (again...)

    Sorry for the ridiculous wait; moving was a pain, the new wifi is choppy, and sometimes updating just feels impossible. Anyway, I'm back, with STACHEBOWS! there's the copper stache bow, the iron stache bow and-y'know what, I'll let you see for yourself. Higher tiers are planned for the next weekly update, and I am hoping to do more with them later.
    As for the dungeons... well, I have a plan now, and I do have the files for at least one of them. The worldgen, monsters, objects and items,...
  8. Dungeons? Dungeons.

    Hey, everyone!
    Today I found out that one of the additions from last update was causing some problems, so I put together a hotfix on the dev. version. Why is this last detail important? well, in the dev version, I was working on a dungeon piece to see how it would turn out. It's part of the human labs, a.k.a. scifidungeon that contains a mustache that is unfindable anywhere else. So, if you happen to find one of these, let me know how it worked! I couldn't find one so I honestly have no clue...
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  9. Smokin' pipes

    I've finally gotten the pipe to work!

    Also added:
    - splashystachey: it's a fountain you can wear!
    - the Errol Flynn: +1 to swashbuckling
    - bubble pipe: bubbles now included!

    As always, stay classy everyone. And send updates. And bug reports. Oh, and screenshots.
  10. The next big one

    Hey everyone!
    I'm back again with an update so big I can't even remember everything I added. I will attempt, however, so...

    - teacups! not just mugs anymore!
    - plates
    - bowls
    - saucers
    - teapot (craftable)
    - teacup and saucer (yep.)
    - alien caviar! found very rarely on the ocean floor.
    - splodeystache! because that's what you do with dynamite, rite?
    and a thank-you to morjax for the video review!

    As always, stay classy, everyone! (and send suggestions!)
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