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Starstache V2.8.6 (Spirited Giraffe)

Tiered mustaches for the planet-hopping gentleman in all of us!

  1. It's aliiiive! (again...)

    Sorry for the ridiculous wait; moving was a pain, the new wifi is choppy, and sometimes updating just feels impossible. Anyway, I'm back, with STACHEBOWS! there's the copper stache bow, the iron stache bow and-y'know what, I'll let you see for yourself. Higher tiers are planned for the next weekly update, and I am hoping to do more with them later.
    As for the dungeons... well, I have a plan now, and I do have the files for at least one of them. The worldgen, monsters, objects and items, however, are still waiting for me to recover my ability to make proper pixel art again. I'll be posting weekly dungeon reports with the updates, and the unused assets will be included along with the main download.(meaning you can get a sneak peek at how things are going ;)

    - MUSTACHE BOWS (the twangy kind)
    - unused dungeon assets and a plan for continued progress! (I know, kinda stupid that it's taken this long.)
    - a new schmancy readme :D
    - a ton of itty-bitty fixes and such.

    As always, Stay classy, everyone.
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