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Starstache V2.8.6 (Spirited Giraffe)

Tiered mustaches for the planet-hopping gentleman in all of us!

  1. The next big one

    Hey everyone!
    I'm back again with an update so big I can't even remember everything I added. I will attempt, however, so...

    - teacups! not just mugs anymore!
    - plates
    - bowls
    - saucers
    - teapot (craftable)
    - teacup and saucer (yep.)
    - alien caviar! found very rarely on the ocean floor.
    - splodeystache! because that's what you do with dynamite, rite?
    and a thank-you to morjax for the video review!

    As always, stay classy, everyone! (and send suggestions!)
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