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Starstache V2.8.6 (Spirited Giraffe)

Tiered mustaches for the planet-hopping gentleman in all of us!

  1. Pixelguru26
    Welcome, gentlemen/women to Starstache. Here we have a wonderful collection of tiered mustaches for all your classy outfit needs...

    The poll results are (mostly) in! from now on...
    - updates will be done on a per-feature basis rather than a calendar basis.

    Next update: the Terra dungeon!
    - updates will consist of more server/exploration-based features
    This means things like new biome additions, mini dungeons, special weapons, etc.
    Now, for the bad news...
    just the other day, my family and I became homeless, so I won't be able to do that much work for a while. Sorry :/

    *important note: the mod currently contains more than twice the number of mustaches you see in this list. I just got tired of updating the main page... sorry... Also, I need some screenshots for this page! If you have any, send 'em in and I'll most likely display them here!.
    (This includes any screenshots involving this mod, not just of these mustaches. So your classy teaparty screenshot? PERFECT. Your James Bond villain lair? EVEN BETTER.)

    Check out this awesome review by Morjax! (note: the review is from an earlier version, many additions and fixes have been made since then.)

    The dirtstache:
    (picture to be added)
    The dirtstache is a quiet, understated sort of 'stache for adding to a first impression.

    The stonestache:
    (picture to be added)
    The stonestache is a must-have for that... classic feel in your outfit!

    The copperstache:
    (picture to be added)
    Here we have the copperstache, with extra curl and a smokestack for that post-Victorian-era look!

    The ironstache:
    (picture to be added)
    Because who DOESN'T want a pair of freaking CANNONS on their face!?!?

    The steelstache:
    (picture to be added)
    Aaand here we have... The steelstache... 'Classy', I guess?

    The silverstache:
    (picture to be added)
    Ah-hah! Now here's one to be proud of! This magnificent mustache is made of tier-layered silver and polished to perfection!

    The Titaniumstache:
    (picture to be added)
    Ah, the masterful Titaniumstache. Made of polished, tier-layered and concealed* titanium, it really doesn't get more Bond-ian (here) than this bullet-stopper!

    The Golden mustache:
    (picture to be added)

    The Diamondstache:
    (picture to be added)
    And here's the pride and joy of our collection-the shining, brilliant diamondstache! It really doesn't get more "classy" than this unless you have a bowtie car and a tuxedo kitten with a top hat & monocle!

    The Durastache:

    (picture to be added)
    Here, ladies and gentlemen, we find the Durastache. It is made of diamond-reinforced titanium-steel alloy, and for some reason it is particularly difficult to curl.

    The Aegistache:

    (picture to be added)
    Oh, I see you noticed the Aegistache... A reliably ugly mustache, perfect for when you don't want anyone finding out about the wart on your nose.

    The Ferozium Mustache (of Fail):
    (picture redacted due to sheer ugliness)
    And here we have the Glorious Kitt-Er... the Ferozium Mustache...(?) I... Don't have any idea how that got there... *Ahem* well, anyway...

    The Ceruliastache:

    (picture to be added)
    Moving on, we have the wonderful Ceruliastache. Perfect for any occasion where class is key.

    The Violistache:

    (picture to be added)
    Next, we find ourselves in the presence of the Violistache. It's a bit round, but with a bit of curling I'm sure it'd come out just fine... someday...

    The Rubystache:

    (picture to be added)

    Here is a mustache perfect for faces and bowties, the Rubystache! (I assure you it's not a bow**)

    The Impervioustache:

    (picture to be added once the funding is obtained)
    Ahhh... at last we come to it; Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls of all ages, I present to you the Impervioustache. After 30 years of grooming curling, John McSwagstache McClassycat finally tended this stache to absolute perfection. A one-of-a-kind mustache estimated to be worth over 1,000,000,000 Euros.

    The Warfstache:

    (picture to be added)
    As per endless requests for it to be added to the mod, I'm adding the Warfstache to the overview as it IS in the mod already.

    * = concealing is a process of scraping polish off of a polished object to save money. It has no effect on the visibility whatsoever.

    ** = Not anymore, anyway... *ahem*, moving on...

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    1: extract folder
    2: place 'starstache' folder in mods folder.
    3: stay classy.

    Final note: All features are intentional... the bugs that aren't, though. We don't tolerate bugs around here
    (unless they wear bowties), so If you find any, send them my way via the handy discussion sitting right there on the top like a hat. If you have any requests or add-ons, send them too, we'd love to hear from you!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

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  3. Durastache Bow OP

Recent Reviews

  1. PotatoMaster
    Version: V2.8.6 (Spirited Giraffe)
    Oh, great sir, i just couldn't notice, what a gentle masterpice you created ho-ho-ho! I'd love to admit... this mod is bootifull, probally i'm a wizard, but i had no crashes and e.t.c
  2. gettic
    Version: V2.8.6 (Spirited Giraffe)
    can't get it to work i have a mother mod with the item beer in it :(
    so the game chrach on start server to
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      The mod is currently on hold and not updated for Glad giraffe. Honestly, I'm amazed that an id clash is the only error you're getting... I'll fix it when I get a chance, but I barely have time to reply to reviews.
  3. Rundell
    Version: V2.8.6 (Spirited Giraffe)
    Where is beards?
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      Coming! There are some mustache-beard combos though; the splasheystachey, for example, has a particularly obvious one.
  4. Larauder
    Version: V2.8.3 (Spirited Giraffe)
    I absolutely LOVE this mod, but as of the most recent version, the Healing Gemstones are unobtainable! :'(
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      I'll get to work fixing that. Can you tell me what exactly is making them unobtainable in the the discussion?
  5. XRandomStrangerX
    Version: V2.8.2 (Spirited Giraffe)
    it crashes every time i try to use the stache table thing 030
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      ouch, I'm fixing that right now.
  6. Morjax
    Version: V2.6 (Spirited Giraffe)
    For those that prefer to watch than read: https://youtu.be/jvnFRQrwQwI

    This mod is amazing, and you have to download it right now. Go ahead, I'll wait... Go on....

    Not that it's downloaded, here's what you have in store: Your starbounding face now has access to all manner of elegant and powerful stache bristles, including, but not limited to the baconstache, the silverstache (my favorite; so classy!), or a perfectly generic stache.

    Starstache: Don't leave home without it!
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      Reading this review just made my day. I can't thank you enough :)
  7. CaptainxEdd
    Version: V2.4.1 (Spirited Giraffe)
    This is awesome, the only thing I see missing is the Wharfstache.
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! The warfstache is craftable in the mustache machine for a plastic mustache and some red petals. It is pretty easy to miss in there. Next update, though, I'm adding some new buttons in the mustache machine to display certain types of mustaches, so it should be a little easier to find then.
  8. MeowTenore
    Version: V2.2.1 (Spirited Giraffe)
    Simply essential! Finally works for me, thanks so much!
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      thanks, I'm glad you like it :D
  9. Quadrakiller
    Version: V.2 (Spirited Giraffe)
    Only for the true gentleman
    1. Pixelguru26
  10. AeroLombax
    Version: V.1.2 (Enraged Koala)
    I like the mod adding the mustaches, but can you make a version for Furious Koala? I would appreciate it.
    1. Pixelguru26
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately, I can no longer update the mod to Furious Koala, as we have entered ~ THE AGE OF THE GIRAFFE ~ a.k.a. the versions that come ofter. S.S. is, however, updated for those!