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Outdated StarMount 5.1

StarMount - 150 Mounts - Pleased Giraffe

  1. Minor fix - Flying mount description fix

    - As title says I fixed tech description for flying mounts, I forgot to do that when posting update 1.6, sorry about that :)
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  2. MAJOR UPDATE! 20 New Flying mounts!

    - I bring you 20 new mounts, and not regular mounts, but original Starbound flying mounts!


    (all information about flying mounts are in the mods description)

    - Minor fixes to projectiles - adjusted all lightColor and damageKind to better fit projectiles

    - Tiered DNA Extractor Guns - no more traveling to tier 1 planets just to...
  3. Recipe change

    - Changed recipe for mounts, now instead of terrain material you will need fuel material:
    • Tier 1-4: Coal ore
    • Tier 5-7: Uranium ore
    • Tier 8-9: Plutonium ore
    • Tier 10: Solarium ore
    I plan on adding something else to the recipe which will make them more individual, but for now its like this.
  4. Night monsters fix + Size reduction

    - Fixed a bug (terrain not loading and not being ability to mine) players had while using this mod and when it was night time ingame. The quadrupednight.monstertype and tallbipednight.monstertype were in the wrong folder, I fixed that now.
    - Now you can get Monster DNA from all monsters (flying, biped, quadroped and their night versions)
    - Reduced the mod size (deleted all those junk files MAC created)
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  5. Fixed duplicate goocluster2 projectile

    - Fixed duplicate goocluster2 projectile error, I renamed my projectile goocluster5, so it wouldn't conflict with other mods that also have goocluster2.
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  6. Jetpack fix + interface fix

    - Fixed low energy consumption for jetpack with tier 8, 9, 10 mounts. It used very little energy so you could use it infinitely, and I think that was kind of overpowered, now I optimised it so energy will be depleted accordingly.

    - Renamed Mount Station interface assets, so there would be no mod conflict with other mods that modify those assets as well. I hope this will fix those problem some of the players had with interface.
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  7. Fixed MonsterException Error

    - Fixed error with tallbiped.monstertype file, changed tallbipednight to nighttallbiped in line 2
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