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Outdated StarMount 5.1

StarMount - 150 Mounts - Pleased Giraffe

  1. Compatibility with Pleased Giraffe

    - Just an update for compatibility with Pleased Giraffe, enjoy :)

    I alone can't test each and every transformation so there might be errors but with those I tested there were no errors, so if you come across any kind of problem please contact me.

    Here's a short list of things that needed to be changed in case some other modders need to figure out what they have to change:

    interface craftingtable => crafting

    quest conditions => completionConditions
    questtemplate kind => type

    Tech Lua:
    math.atan2 => math.atan
    .appliedOffset() => .transformedPosition({0, 0})
    tech.anchorPoint("frontSecGunFirePoint") => tech.partPoint("frontSecGun", "firePoint")

    Tech Animation:
    "relativeAnchors" : { "frontDashGunFirePoint" : [-6, -3] } => "firePoint" : [-6, -3]
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