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Outdated Starfoundry v1.3.2

Automation megamod including energy, pipes, magnets, data transmission and more!

  1. 1.3.1: Bug Fixes and Improvements

    This update includes a variety of usability improvements, user-requested changes, and other polish:
    • New Object
      • Relay Cloak - use one of these devices to change the appearance of all energy relays in the area. current options are: visible, subtle, and hidden (interact to switch modes)
    • Bug Fixes and Improvements
      • Item Drone now uses A* search for dramatically improved pathfinding
      • added classy new pipe graphics by GeorgeV in two different tilesets: standard and sewer. these new pipes can also be painted!
      • added more placement options for valve, filter, sorter and detector pipes
      • Hopper now has an inventory slot for manual item input
      • reworked Foundry to use default recipe filtering (use the category buttons below the recipe list)
      • added a category button for Tabula Rasa
      • batteries now drop as Full Battery when full and can be used for (a little bit of) fuel
      • Ore Magnet no longer destroys non-metallic ores when pulling metallic ores through them
      • moved Ore Magnet tile mod lists into .object file to allow merging
      • liquid extractor can now be placed in either direction
      • changed quarry frame bracket to look less like primary quarry object
    • Known Issues
      • Item Drones won't correctly find a path when crossing the "world seam" where the player beams down
      • Quarry behavior is still inconsistent and gets stuck in several cases; we're in the process of a more major rework of this for a future update
    In this update we've also switched to use the .pak file system for distribution. There should be no effect on the user, but please let us know if you have any problems getting the mod to work!
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