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Outdated Starfoundry v1.3.2

Automation megamod including energy, pipes, magnets, data transmission and more!

  1. 1.3: Big bundle of new objects!

    We're back with a rich new update that includes several new objects as well as a few improvements and bug fixes. Here's what's new:
    • New Objects:
      • Item Drone Station - launch pad that spawns a flying drone to pick up nearby items and bring them back to the station, where they are deposited into a pipe. requires energy to function.
      • Ore Magnet - giant magnet that charges gradually, then can be activated to pull ores closer through solid ground. uses a LOT of energy, so running at maximum frequency will require multiple generators/batteries. see example GIF here warning: ore magnets have powerful fields that will interfere with each other, so don't run multiple ore magnets in the same area!
      • Liquid Filler - compresses liquids into handy capsules that can be carried around and thrown. makes it easy to place liquids without elaborate pipes and tanks. requires energy to function.
      • Pipe Chest Adaptor - place one adjacent to a chest or other storage container to add an item pipe connection to the container. activating the Pipe Chest Adaptor with a wire signal will push items out of the connected container, similar to the item box. (the item box is unchanged for now and will be reworked in the future)
      • Item Filter Pipe - has now been completely reworked to use a 4-slot inventory for defining items. the pipe will allow items to pass only if they are the same type as the items in the inventory (items with additional properties such as color, inventory, etc. all count as the same item type).
      • Item Sorting Pipe - the big brother of the Item Filter Pipe, this object has a 16 slot inventory with 4 color-coded sections that correspond to the 4 directions it can output. each direction acts as its own item filter, allowing much more complex sorting and routing.
      • Activator - yo dawg, I heard you liked the E key, so I made an E key to press your E keys while you're off doing something more interesting. this object has a target area that can be switched by interacting with it, and when it receives a wire signal it attempts to 'activate' (interact with) all objects in the target area. unfortunately, this is currently limited to scripted objects, which means it won't work yet for crops and some other interactive object types
    • Bug Fixes and Improvements
      • added "chunk" (sector) loading to quarry. it should continue mining even when it is very deep or far from any players (but only when the planet itself is loaded)
      • fixed a crash when placing the mannequin
      • fixed several issues with solar panels, especially on ships
      • added radioactive (solarium, plutonium, uranium) recipes to power smelter
      • moved power smelter recipes into .object file, which should allow other mods to merge additional recipes
      • quarry now defaults to maximum width if it's activated with no quarry marker placed
    • Known Issues
      • quarry still gets hung up on things like sand/gravel, vines, acid, etc. we'll be improving this further in coming versions
      • item drones have very limited pathfinding, so they function best in flat, open areas. more advanced behavior coming soon
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