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Stardew Valley Save Editor

Stardew Valley Save Editor

  1. WPF Version

    This version is compatible with 1.3BETA and is windows only. It uses a setup file and keeps it up to date more so then the older version.
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  2. Relationships Now Added

    New Relationship Editor, New Tool called SVError so we can get bug reports, some minor code changes to hopefully fix some bugs.
  3. Version Release

    Added the New maps finally to the map editor. Hopefully fixed some minor bugs on the map editor as well.
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  4. Profession Update

    Allows you to edit your Professions.
  5. Version Release

    Finally got around to a Update after a few... months..
    Anyways, Minor/Major fixes

    -Changed so zoom/pan can be right mouse button/middle/wasd/+/-
    -Water cans added.

    Expect more actual updates later.
  6. Map Editor Crash

    Meteorite would crash MapEditor on Load.
  7. New Updater

    Separated the Updater From the Program completely, should fix the Issues with files being overwritten on Update.

    if your running a real old version > Here is the separate EXE of the updater | Download Link|
    Put it into the same Directory as the Save Editor and it should work perfectly Fine.
  8. Minor Patch

    Minor Patch
    Fixed Broken Weapon Sprite. They were added in Game, but missing proper Icon.
  9. Major Update

    Remove the Need for ItemXML, since all Items are Parsed from the YAML. Some Minor Code Changes as well.
  10. Update

    Map Editor Code Fix for Broken Fences
    Storage Container Editor Added
    Backup Manager Added to Zip up saves etc
    Added a few Items XML's
    Updated updater code so should work fine now