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Stardew Valley Package Manager - v1.11 with Save Backup and XNB Image Merge 1.16

SVPM is a tool which allows Users to easily modify Stardew Valley with User created mods.

  1. godlcd
    Version: 1.16
    Thanhks so much,it will help me away from bugs by using mods.
  2. Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie
    Version: 1.11
    Found this on the Nexus.

    Took me a few minutes to figure everything out, it's quite intuitive and easy to use. Keep it up.
  3. Norek
    Version: 1.11
    Took me a little bit to sort out how to do a few things, but 99% of this is very intuitive and simple to use. No fussing with backing up my files or anything when adding new sprites etc (Chocobo mount anyone?!) and lets me install everything right from their zip/rar files without fuss. Even lets me use SMAPI mods and all I had to do was tell the program where SMAPI was... not to mention the program is nice and clean looking, I've seen some pretty painful to look at programs in my time :P
  4. Davatorey
    Version: 1.11
    Allows easy management of mods without the fear to mess with the game. Also, the automatic XNB merging add-on makes coffee. Would put 6 stars, but that site won't allow it :'(
  5. Grimswolf
    Version: 1.07
    Original found this on the Nexus, so re downloaded it from here just so I could properly rate it. So far it's my preferred tool for managing my Stardew mods. Looks like it's heading towards becoming the equivalent of Mod Organizer which I'm used to using for larger games like Skyrim + Fallout. Similar way it handles packaged mods without adjust my game files too much.

    Haven't had any use for the XNB merge yet, but probably will as more complex graphics packs are released. Only things so far that have been minor hicups has been when it isn't sure if a particular .xnb should go in one of two folders (Not hard to guess then go back, and I've yet to guess wrong so maybe it doesn't matter), and occasionally reinstalling mods to update them is awkward in telling versions apart, but hitting refresh seems to remove the version I deleted. So far so good, not many real problems to speak of that I can even find.