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Stardew Valley Package Manager - v1.11 with Save Backup and XNB Image Merge 1.16

SVPM is a tool which allows Users to easily modify Stardew Valley with User created mods.

  1. NewSpecies
    Stardew Valley Package Manager is a Mod Manager which allows Users to easily modify Stardew Valley with User created mods (including but not limited to SMAPI\STORM DLL mods) packaged in archives (.zip, rar, 7z, tar, bzip2). The simple user interface allows loading of mods without having to worry about game content backups, or save files.


    Version 1.10-1.11 (Through Update)
    - SVPM now recognises the sub-directories of directories that contains DLL files as part of the DLL mod data, and now loads those mods properly. It also ignores those directories when checking their names against existing Stardew Valley data, preventing any unnecessary pop-up checks.
    - Save and Load features added for the Active Mod List. Allowing you to save and load active mod listings.
    - Small fixes

    Version 1.09
    - Add the ability for SVPM to launch SMAPI \ Storm from Steam Desktop Shortcut Links. Allowing Steam to load those applications directly and inject the Steam Overlay. (Links can be added in SVPM Settings)
    - General Big Fixes

    Version 1.08
    - Fixed bug where program crashes on launch because Steam and Game are installed on different drives.
    - XMB Image Merge now supports differently sized images for mods that extend the tilesheets.
    - Added a game files restore feature.
    - General bug fixes.

    Version 1.07
    - Added XNB Image Merge feature – Enable in Settings Menu. XNB Image Merge is a process that scans your active mods for image resources that overwrite the same XNB file in the Stardew Valley folder, and creates a composite image XNB files. These composite XNB's are then loaded like a normal mod. This allows multiple mods to edit the same tile sheets, and make their own contributions to the output image the game uses.

    Version 1.05 - 1.06
    - Right clicking on an active\inactive mod containing a DLL will reveal the one or more DLL mods present in the archive, and list config files associated with them. Clicking on the DLL's config files will launch that file with your systems default editor, allowing you to edit the mod config directly.
    - The Save Settings button is now a button for general settings, including both save settings and program settings.
    - Modification Information window appears when a mod is downloading, allowing the user to edit the information. This option can also be disabled.
    - Bug Fixes, slightly extended browser functionality, auto-save of saves is now turned on by default and set at 5 save files per profile.
    - When DLL mod is deactivated, only the .dll, .xna and manifest.json file(s) are taken. Hopefully leaving all the other config files.

    Version 1.04 – ChangeLog
    - Hovering over the “Install Build” buttons will now reveal the last version of that API installed.
    - Added auto-save features for backing up save files automatically, as well as the ability to restore a save point

    Version 1.03 - ChangeLog
    - When generating manifest for DLL's without them, it now checks the dll's data for library references. Identifying what kind of API it uses, preventing non-API dll's from being loaded.
    - Improved internal browser with web bar, and tabbed browsing.

    Version 1.02 - ChangeLog
    - DLL's can now support dll libraries. Checks the manifest to show which dll in a single directory takes precedence.
    - XNBs that are in the same directory as a .DLL will be copied into the DLL mod's directory automatically.
    - .json files (sans manifest.json) won't be deleted when DLL mods are disabled, preserving settings files when mods are turned on and off.

    Version 1.01 – ChangeLog
    - Added the ability to load xnb files that don't have corresponding matches to the Stardew Valley folder, as well as remove them when the mods become inactive.

    Version 1.0 - Stardew Valley Package Manager (SVPM) Features
    - Hovering over buttons will give a brief description of their function.
    - Loads all of the Stardew Valley game modifications from compressed archives (zip, rar, 7z, tar, bzip2), or folders.
    - Backs up any game files that are modified prior to being overwritten.
    - Restores files from backup that are no longer in use. Running Stardew Valley with no mods active will restore all of the game files with their backups. So if you had a vanilla copy of Stardew Valley prior to running mods, deactivating the mods and launching Stardew Valley from the application will revert the game back to vanilla.
    - Mods higher up on the active list will take file precedence over the mods below it, thus preventing mod files with less priority from stacking.
    - Organizes individual files inside the archives or folders, only if there are any conflicts where files within the archive have multiple corresponding files in the Stardew Valley folder. Prompts are given to the User to find out where the files belong.
    - Does a reverse folder check on files inside the modification to match them with their corresponding file in the Stardew directory, regardless of the archives internal folder structure. Modifications with a properly laid out Content directory won't produce any conflicts.
    - SVPM browser (“Browse Mod Website” button) handles file downloads and offers an easy way to directly install archive files to the mod folder. The browser uses the .NET com object. In order to log in to certain websites, cookies will have to be enabled in your Internet Explorer settings.
    - Supports both the Storm API, and SMAPI. If no API is used, Steam Shell will be launched if applicable.
    - SVPM browser allows for easy installation of both Storm and SMAPI directly from the application (so long as the archive structure of their builds remains the same, the installation method can be modified in SVPM.ini).
    - Archives can contain a combination of xnb files, and or multiple dll mods without any conflicts.
    - Modifications that contain dll's but no corresponding “manifest.json” file will have a basic manifest generated automatically.
    - Archives can be added using “Add Mod Package” button. Folders can also be added and are treated as if they were archives, folder mods offer Modder's an easy way to prototype their mods without having to recopy the files after every revision.
    - Archives in sub-directories inside the Mod Folder are recognized, allowing for a good way to sort mods of similar type.
    - Editing SVPM.ini allows you to directly change the paths the folders find and generate by default. The URL's also point the web browser to the locations of API builds and mod websites. The browser can support linking to multiple urls, and shows a list of links rather than going to just one website by using a semi-colon delimiter. (e.g. URL = http:\\www.google.com;http:\\www.internet.com)
    - Deletion of mods are left to the user, clicking the “Open Mod Package Directory” button allows access to the mod files.
    - SVPM mod listing doesn't automatically update when the mod folder is changed, but it can be refreshed with the “Refresh Listing” button to reflect those changes.
    - “SVPM Update Available” button will appear when new updates are released.

    Install Instructions
    - Copy archives contents to any folder.
    - Run
    - Update
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


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Recent Reviews

  1. godlcd
    Version: 1.16
    Thanhks so much,it will help me away from bugs by using mods.
  2. Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie
    Version: 1.11
    Found this on the Nexus.

    Took me a few minutes to figure everything out, it's quite intuitive and easy to use. Keep it up.
  3. Norek
    Version: 1.11
    Took me a little bit to sort out how to do a few things, but 99% of this is very intuitive and simple to use. No fussing with backing up my files or anything when adding new sprites etc (Chocobo mount anyone?!) and lets me install everything right from their zip/rar files without fuss. Even lets me use SMAPI mods and all I had to do was tell the program where SMAPI was... not to mention the program is nice and clean looking, I've seen some pretty painful to look at programs in my time :P
  4. Davatorey
    Version: 1.11
    Allows easy management of mods without the fear to mess with the game. Also, the automatic XNB merging add-on makes coffee. Would put 6 stars, but that site won't allow it :'(
  5. Grimswolf
    Version: 1.07
    Original found this on the Nexus, so re downloaded it from here just so I could properly rate it. So far it's my preferred tool for managing my Stardew mods. Looks like it's heading towards becoming the equivalent of Mod Organizer which I'm used to using for larger games like Skyrim + Fallout. Similar way it handles packaged mods without adjust my game files too much.

    Haven't had any use for the XNB merge yet, but probably will as more complex graphics packs are released. Only things so far that have been minor hicups has been when it isn't sure if a particular .xnb should go in one of two folders (Not hard to guess then go back, and I've yet to guess wrong so maybe it doesn't matter), and occasionally reinstalling mods to update them is awkward in telling versions apart, but hitting refresh seems to remove the version I deleted. So far so good, not many real problems to speak of that I can even find.