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Starburst Rework Mod 1.3.1

A rework to the game which overhauls all planets and adds many things.

  1. Living Planet Update

    New downloads have been relegated to GitHub, use the download link.

    + Hazard Lab Table Overhaul!: The Hazard Lab Table has been given a little face lift to better suit the new additions. Including a new tier of hazard protection only seen with the Universal EPP, also some new additions as well.
    --- Changes
    + Hazard Lab Table now has a level 3 version, the Climate Research Station, allowing you to make Universal Hazard items.
    + All EPPs are now crafted at the Hazard Lab Table and its upgrades, rather than the anvil. The anvil will still keep the Enhancement Packs however.
    + New Augment: Universal Augment, to go along with the Universal EPP. You can now have complete hazard protection with an Enhancement Pack and this augment.
    + Hazard Lab Table's crafting UI now has 4 tabs: Consumables, Augments, EPPs, and Regulators.

    + Environment Regulators!: Tired of having to put on your EPPs when in your base on a hazardous world. Set up an environment regulator, it'll protect an area around it from planetary hazards. You can craft it at the Hazard Lab Table and its upgrades.
    --- Regulators
    + Atmosphere Regulator (Airless)
    + Radiation Regulator (Radioactive)
    + Contaminant Regulator (Toxic)
    + Heating Regulator (Cold)
    + Cooling Regulator (Heat)
    + Antistatic Regulator (Static)
    + Environmental Regulator (All Of Them)

    + Throwing Weapon Overhaul!: All of the main throwing weapons have been given an overhaul sure to make you want to use them more often. + New tooltip that details the stats and description of thrown weapons.
    --- Changes
    + New sprites for the less visually good throwing weapons.
    + Throwing weapons now use windup, to make them more distinct.
    + New unique tooltip for the throwing weapons, detailing damage, cooldown, and windup.
    + Many updates to the projectiles to make them visually better.
    --- Affected Weapons
    + Throwing Dart
    + Hunting Spear
    + Bomb
    + Ball of Gnomes
    + Iron Hunting Spear
    + Throwing Dagger
    + Thorn Grenade
    + Bug Hive
    + Throwing Knife
    + Throwing Axe
    + Javelin
    + Throwing Kunai
    + Throwing Star (Now called Shuriken)
    + Snowflake Shuriken
    + Energy Javelin

    + New Throwing Weapons!: To give more uses to the biome materials, each one has been given their own throwing weapon you can craft at an anvil. Each one having its own unique effect!
    --- New Throwing Weapons
    + Aurium Kukri
    + Heartwood Tomahawk
    + Aquari Shuriken
    + Blue Ice Hatchet
    + Rubite Mambele
    + Vermillium Gas Grenade
    + Xenocyte Javelin
    + Throwing Energy Knife
    + Erebium Kunai
    + Promethium Grenade
    + Uranium Grenuke

    + New Furniture!: Heartwood furniture, a new set of furniture made from Heartwood, looks very natural. Blueprints can be found in Forest chests.
    --- Furniture Types
    + Heartwood Chair
    + Heartwood Table
    + Heartwood Door
    + Heartwood Lamp
    + Heartwood Desk Lamp
    + Heartwood Bed
    + Heartwood Clock
    + Heartwood Chest

    + New alt-ability to Elemental Broadswords: Energy Riposte, a more powerful Parry that can severely damage enemies if you time it correctly.

    + New NPC: Arcade Merchant, found in Hylotl Underwater Cities. Sells many types of arcade related stuff. Including plushies, toys, arcade machines, minigame arcade machines, and even...

    + Portable Minigames!: Adds 2 new items that allow you to access Mazebound 64 and Beautiful Attempt! anywhere. Sold by the new Arcade Owner merchant.

    = Compressed Vermillium rebranded to Vermillium Blossom

    = Resprited Vermillium weapons.

    + Added new name parts to the Samurai Katana and Cowboy Revolver generated weapons.

    + Added new recipe for Volatile Powder that uses Ember Coral Shards

    + The Gene Whip's alt-fire now does twice the damage it did before.

    - Anvils can no longer craft EPPs, only Enhancement Packs. EPPs have been moved over to the Hazard Lab Table.

    --- Biome Gen Overhauls
    + Forest, Jungle, and Lush planets now spawn Firefly and Butterfly bushes, for that extra bit of flavor.

    + Tundra planets now have new spiky terrain to better suit its angular style.

    + Volcanic planets have more objects and trees spawn more frequently.

    + Desert planets have a secondary kind of cactus and the surfaces can be covered in sand rather than arid grass.

    + Perfectly Generic Chests now spawn on Anabatic planets. I forgot to add them before.

    - Perfectly Generic Chests spawn a bit less.

    --- Cave Gen Overhauls
    + Biome materials spawn a bit more often on the higher levels. Though the lower levels still contain the most ores.

    + Lush caves now contain more object variety, with larger objects as well.

    + Volcanic caves have been given vines and extra objects.

    + Forest caves have been given new bushes and breakables. Trees spawn more frequently.

    + Jungle caves have a few more objects, and now have water drips.

    + Snow caves now have falling snow and new objects to populate the ground. Trees have been added as well.

    + Tundra caves now have falling snow and water drips.

    + Ocean caves now have geyser objects and ember coral.

    + Scorched caves have more objects to choose from, now including landmines.

    + Savannah caves now have a few more bush types and bones.

    + Desert caves now have more ceiling objects and another type of cactus.

    --- Weather Changes
    = Changes to the weather patches, now completely replacing the lists with the mod's own.

    + New Storm weather, heavy rain without the static debuff.

    = Previous Storm weather renamed to Thunderstorms.

    + Thunderstorms now have lightning effects to differentiate it from Storms.

    + New weather for Forest planets that drop leaves everywhere.

    + Lush planets now have windstorms.

    + Added compatibility for Processors courtesy of JamesTheMaker
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