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Starburst Rework Mod 1.3.1

A rework to the game which overhauls all planets and adds many things.

  1. Elemental Survival Update

    + Status Effect Overhaul!: As a major quality of life addition, all visible status effects have been given a new coat of paint. Making them more readable on what they do and what from.
    + Status effects now have descriptions on the ends of their titles describing their properties.
    + Changed some status effect names to better suit their strength, source, and giving them more flavor.
    + New icons for some of the status effects.
    + All debuffs are now labelled in red and any mixed effects are labelled in yellow.
    + All augment buffs are now visible on the status bar for better clarity.

    + Overhauled Fluid Status Effects!: To add some spice to the environments and how you interact with them, now fluids can haave more in-depth effects on how you interact with the world.
    + Wet: Now reduces fire damage but increases incoming electric damage. Gives you immunity to Mild Heat, though also drains energy on Deadly Cold planets.
    + Tarred: Now reduces electric damage but increases incoming fire damage. Still reduces movement speed, albeit to a lesser extent.
    ---New Effect
    + Swamped, given by Swamp Water: Reduces movement speed, as well as reducing ice damage but increasing incoming poison damage.
    + Damp, given by Rain: Same effects as wet, except reduced in strength, also doesn't give you any of the environmental effects or any of the combo effects.

    + Environmental Combo Effects!: To add a little more depth to the element system and making them more attuned to the environment, I've added new effects when combined with fluid effects.
    ---New Status effects
    + Burning Oil (Burning + Tarred): Deals even more fire damage and can no longer be put out by fluids. Incoming ice attacks do massive damage now.
    + Frostbite (Frosted + Wet): Slows the enemy even more and reduces the afflicted's defense against all elements. Incoming fire attacks do even more damage.
    + Static Discharge (Electrified + Wet): Sends out more tesla bolts than before, which can now electrify enemies as well. Also deals damage over time to the afflicted.
    + Septic Shock (Poisoned + Swamped): Does even more poison damage and reduces the attack power of the afflicted.

    + Fluid Flasks!: To help with using these new combos, I've added flasks. With 10 units of fluid and a bottle in your hand crafting menu, you can make throwable flasks that give enemies fluid statuses to use in conjunction with your weapons.
    + Water Flask (Wet)
    + Oil Flask (Tarred)
    + Contaminated Flask (Swamped)

    + Status Effect Objects!: Certain objects now have the unique property of giving status effects to things nearby, sometimes blocking hazards.
    ---Object Changes
    + Heating objects now give Mild Cold resistance and small amounts of regeneration to an area around it.
    ---Heating Objects
    + Campfire
    + Medieval Fireplace
    + Rustic Oven
    + Barrel Fire
    + Cabin Stove
    + Space Heater
    + Primitive Stove

    + Fountains now give Mild Heat resistance and small amounts of regeneration to an area around it.
    + Outdoor Fountain
    + Stone Fountain
    + Tiered Stone Fountain
    + Water Fountain
    + Petal Fountain
    + Traditional Water Feature

    + Tents now give you immunity to all mild hazards when sleeping in them and have been buffed in their recovery capacity.
    + Blue Sleeping Bag (Level 1)
    + Red Sleeping Bag (Level 1)
    + Green Sleeping Bag (Level 1)
    + Green Dome Tent (Level 2)
    + Green Basic Tent (Level 2)
    + Red Dome Tent (Level 2)
    + Blue Dome Tent (Level 2)
    + Yellow Basic Tent (Level 2)
    + Military Tent (Level 3)

    + New Codex: The Elements of Nature, a codex detailing the workings of the elements and the new combos. You can find these at any large Hylotl structure.

    + A new Otherworldly Weapon can now be found on Anabatic Planets.

    = Changed sprite for the Static Resist Augment to be less visually similar to the Electric Block augment, make it look like one is stronger than the other.

    + Stims now give their own status effects, with their own icons. They have the same effects, just with more info on where the status effect came from.

    = Bottled Poison now called Poison Flask and given the Throwable Weapon tooltip.

    + Forest Caves and Jungle sub-caves can now contain Swamp Water.

    + Volcanic and Scorched Caves can now contain Oil.

    + Forest, Volcanic, and Scorched caves can now spawn more liquid pools.

    + Anabatic planets now have a few new objects and plants spawning on them.

    + Anabatic caves now have a more crystalline aesthetic, with new plants, objects, and crystal blocks appearing near the bottom.

    + Fire Taroni balls and Fire Pteropod breath now inflict Burning Oil.

    + Ice Orbides and Ice Narfins now inflict Frostbite. Watch out for these guys.

    + Poison Pulpins, Poison Scaverans, and Poison Sporgus now inflict Septic Shock.

    + Electric Voltips and Electric Skimbus now inflict Static Discharge.

    + Adult Poptops now inflict Blood Loss.

    + Albino Adult Poptops now inflict Major Blood Loss.

    + Albino Poptops now inflict Blood Loss.

    + Fixed a boot to ship due to an improperly set npc in the Novakid Snow Village.

    + Fixed a boot to ship due to an incorrect itemID with the Novakid Snow Villager NPC.

    + Fixed a boot to ship due to an incorrectly spelled treasure pool on one of the Anabatic planet structures.

    + Snow Novakid Guards now correctly have their unique armor.
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