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Starbound: Universal Expansion 0.2

An expansion mod for Starbound (as the name implies).

  1. Elixirs

    Update 0.2
    [​IMG] Weapons
    + Elixirs, throwable flasks that apply status effects. They are craftable in a new tab in the Apothecary and Medical Station.

    [​IMG] Items
    + More stims as counterparts to the new buff status effect elixirs.

    [​IMG] Status Effects
    + Added two new status effects, Bonus Defense and Heavy. Bonus Defense gives the player more defense temporarily and Heavy makes the player (or target) heavier which decreases their jump height greatly.
    + Made the Bouncy status effect obtainable again.

    [​IMG] Bug Fixes & Changes
    + Gave the Protectorate Pistol beam an impact sound.
    + Changed the protectorate.json.patch file further which might improve compatibility a bit more.
    + Made tabs added by this mod work in a new way, they don't change the base gui sprite of the station they're added to so this makes them compatible with any gui sprite changing mods.
    + Made the orange stim pack obtainable, it also has a slightly different recipe.
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