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Starbound Side Stories 1.99

Adds new locations on planets and quests to existing dungeons.

  1. Fixing stuff

    So yeah, apologies that a lot of crashing occurred. This should fix most things, but there are still a couple of issues.

    Changed all solarium star recipes to gold bars instead
    Changed underground merchants so they don't crash your game, but I still need to make it so they sell their specific things (right now it's all jumbled up except for the instrument seller)
    Removed Hellena from the game until it's actually completed.
    Started the process of changing quest rewards to be tenant stuff...
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  2. Stable!

    So right now this is the same as the last unstable update, but it works for the current stable. More content is coming as soon as I'm done updating Your Starbound Crew!
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  3. Stable should be here soon!

    Basically I added a bunch of stuff, and some of it doesn't work at all. So that's great. But it'll be fixed by stable! Here's the list of stuff I've been working on:

    Added the basic parts of the Avian city of Avusco
    Added quests to Ishcarta.
    Added more colonists
    Added Starbound's first city: the Floran tree city of Ishcarta. Includes a frog furnishing to buy Floran furniture, other merchants, quests, its own dungeon, and more. You can find it at the gate warp.
    Added an abandoned village for...
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  4. Underground Update!

    Added the following encounters to underground Apex, Human, Glitch, Avian, Floran, and outpost encounters:

    - The Mole Merchant: Sells either upgraded pickaxes or drills
    - Underground Explorer: You're probably not the only one exploring underground in the Starbound universe, so I tossed some more life underground. Offers basic quests like needing torches and bandages to continue exploring.
    - Underground Miner: Since ores are so needed in the Starbound universe, I figured there would be more...
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  5. Your Own Base, and more

    - Added a new dungeons to moons where you can go on a quest to outfit your own base.
    - Added bounties to every biome
    - Added stuff to ancient planets
    - Finished igloo Hylotl quest line
    - Finished friendly Mushroom quest line
    - Lowered chance of finding the ancient capsules
    - A few other fixes.

    Hope you all enjoy!
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  6. Ancient Stars

    HUGE update here.

    Added Ancient Star Systems:
    - Includes friendly planets that have 1-3 friendly settlements (like Glitch village) at threat level 6 with garden, forest, and arid planets.
    - Includes dangerous planets that have 1-3 dangerous settlements (Glitch castle) at threat levels 6-7 with alien and jungle biomes.
    - Ancient planets at threat levels 7-8. These planets include ancient villages, ancient sites, ancient dig sites, ancient boss battles, and more. New lighting, different...
  7. Hurray for stable!

    Hurray for a new stable update! The list on this one is short, but it adds a lot of quests to the ones I started earlier but never finished up.

    - Mod is now ready for the stable branch
    - Added a quest line to the human bunker
    - Added over 40 quests to the Apex town, Floran town, Glitch town, human bunker, Avian town, and Avian merchant
    - The miner and bug catcher no longer appear on garden planets, but now also appear on alien, arid, and snow planets.
    - Changed the text around on the...
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  8. Ancient Dungeons and more!

    Hey everyone, first update for the mod, woo hoo!

    - Added six variations of the ancient dungeon. These dungeons are protected, will appear on every planet type except water ones (but will on moons!), and require a certain tech to get through. You might have to use morphball, blink, rocket boots, bubble bounce/double jump, strong combat skills, or your boat. Right now you get a tech chest, but in the future they'll lead you to a challenge gate. This was made to invoke a feeling of Metroid,...
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