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Starbound Side Stories 1.99

Adds new locations on planets and quests to existing dungeons.

  1. Stable should be here soon!

    Basically I added a bunch of stuff, and some of it doesn't work at all. So that's great. But it'll be fixed by stable! Here's the list of stuff I've been working on:

    Added the basic parts of the Avian city of Avusco
    Added quests to Ishcarta.
    Added more colonists
    Added Starbound's first city: the Floran tree city of Ishcarta. Includes a frog furnishing to buy Floran furniture, other merchants, quests, its own dungeon, and more. You can find it at the gate warp.
    Added an abandoned village for you to take over on garden planets. Also includes a way to get colony deeds without using admin commands.
    Added 18 new colonists.
    Added a dungeon for every sub-biome type. They're not quite done, but will be by stable. So far I have the Dragon's Bones, the Crystal Tower, and the Alpine Volcano. These dungeons offer unique rewards and can only be found on the planet type that holds the biome (Dragon's Bones can only be found on arid planet).
    Added an abandoned outpost to ancient star's gates. Here you can edit your own outpost with a small quest line, along with also being able to purchase an ocean, jungle, and snow outpost. Changes made to these outposts will be saved, so you can change them up as much as you want!
    Added more dialogue
    Added a Hylotl village (yay), with quest line
    Added a Hylotl dungeon (yay) also with quest line
    Added a quest line to Floran hunting grounds
    Added an Avian bunny quest line to Avian tombs. I think this means all vanilla dungeons now have quest lines.
    Changed all quests to fit the new format, this took forever.
    Changed the name of a couple files that prevented the mod from loading.
    Balanced a couple things about ancient planets like mini boss HP
    Changed look of Ancient Stars so they're easier to see
    Fixed a bunch of spelling errors thanks to Viraxai
    Updated armor so it's more balanced
    Changed sushi to fish in a bone so you can complete igloo Hylotl's quest
    Added a new random encounter: random teleporters. These will take you up to a random ship, and act sort of like a challenge gate.
    Added a new dungeon: the wreck. The files were already in the game, so I added in the wrecked ship dungeon, along with a small quest line to get a robot to put on your ship that will keep you company.
    Added a quest line to some human prisons
    Added a quest line to Floran hell dungeons
    Added a quest line to some Avian tower dungeons
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