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Starbound Side Stories 1.99

Adds new locations on planets and quests to existing dungeons.

  1. Ancient Stars

    HUGE update here.

    Added Ancient Star Systems:
    - Includes friendly planets that have 1-3 friendly settlements (like Glitch village) at threat level 6 with garden, forest, and arid planets.
    - Includes dangerous planets that have 1-3 dangerous settlements (Glitch castle) at threat levels 6-7 with alien and jungle biomes.
    - Ancient planets at threat levels 7-8. These planets include ancient villages, ancient sites, ancient dig sites, ancient boss battles, and more. New lighting, different weather, different underground biomes, different capsules, and more.
    - Ancient tentacle planets at threat levels 8-9. Includes all of the above ancient stuff along with battles against tentacle enemies. Requires a new suit to get to.
    - A new outpost, the Research Center, accessed only by gates in the Ancient Star Systems. Has a new quest line, new weapons, new armor

    Basically the end game was boring with only fire planets, so I went a little crazy and added a new star system. This isn't like other star mods that just add the planet types and mix them up (although I still have them installed, they're great, don't get me wrong), this system has an entire quest line devoted to it, and I hope it keeps everyone occupied in the end game for a long time. I hope you all enjoy!
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