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Starbound Side Stories 1.99

Adds new locations on planets and quests to existing dungeons.

  1. Luminaesthesia
    Hey everyone! Your Starbound Crew is finally in a place that I'm somewhat happy with, so today starts the giant revision of Starbound Side Stories, similar to what I did with the other mod. Due to so much stuff changing in the upcomming combat update, this mod is going to be broken beyond belief, and I'm 99% sure it's gonna crash. So, I'll be starting to port stuff over and hopefully get something done by the time stable hits.

    As of now the plan is to take all quest givers out of their current places (you won't find the medic Apex lady in Apex block villages anymore), and create new versions of them to add some variety. As such, Ishcarta and Avusco will probably go too, but I'll be adding very similar versions of them to find on actual planets. It's going to take a while to do this, but I'm hoping it will add some much needed variety to exploring planets. Anyways, I thought I'd let all of you know that things are going to be a little rough for the mod for the next few weeks, but I hope it'll be better than ever!


    Are you excited for the new teleporter and navigational bookmark update, but not quite sure what you're going to actually bookmark? Introducing Starbound Side Stories! The goals of this mod are pretty basic: instead of running through planets and stealing all the nice NPC's furniture, I want you to be prompted to stay there, bookmark the planet, and continue to return. A lot of the quests are very open ended, saying stuff like "build a house for yourself!", and you can choose to make a basic square house, an elegant mansion, or ignore it. The point is I want it to start feeling like YOUR universe, instead of just a randomly generated one. If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy it!

    ishcarta.png avusco.png
    Cities of Starbound

    Right now there are two cities available from the gate warp found in non ancient systems, the Floran city of Ishcarta in the treetops, and Avusco, the Avian city in the sky.

    Eventually I'm hoping to have a city available to each star system, with Ishcarta eventually being exclusive to gentle systems, and Avusco being exclusive to radioactive systems. After polishing up these two, I'm going to work on the underground city of Hellena, a Glitch city found near a planet's core for fiery systems, then an Apex beach hotel, and either a human or Hylotl ice planet.

    Each city will eventually include:
    Quests to help you in your current system. Need Manipulator upgrades in nightly? Ishcarta has you covered!
    Learn lore about the specie's lore through teachers or wise persons.
    Shop for that specie's furniture in exclusive Frogg Furnishing stores, including hard to get items like moon emblems and bone carvings (for a price, of course).
    Help raise the city's pet.
    An exclusive dungeon to each city.
    Don't like how I set them up? After doing the city's quests you'll have the ability to purchase the city, and then you can edit it however you want.
    Tons of secrets to find that require different techs, so hopefully you'll continue to visit the various cities as you progress through the game.​

    Although a little rough right now, I'm hoping to have at least three of the cities and dungeons available whenever the next stable update hits in 1-2 months. Let me know what you all think in the discussion thread! And stop on by if you have any suggestions for a city you'd like to see!

    New dungeons to explore!

    New dungeon: The Bug Catcher. This Floran bug catcher can be found on garden, forest, and jungle planets. He or she, depending on your NPC, will help guide you collect all the bugs in the game, and offer a place to hold them. Also features a little crab pet that you can visit and help take care of.

    New dungeon: The Miner: This Novakid miner is found on garden, desert, and arid planets. He'll take you through a series of quests to help you build up a mining facility that you can continually visit to harvest new mining nodes, and to help him take care of his pet snugget.

    New dungeon: The Stargazing Farmer: This Stargazer Avian has one goal in life: prove Kluex is real by attempting to grow all of the universe's plants on either tundra or snow planets, where you'll find him. Get a golden hoe, get a bunny, and other fun stuff, while collecting all of the game's crops!

    New encounter: The Wandering Hylotl. These roaming Hylotl can be found on ocean and arctic planets, and will give you a quest line to make your own Hylotl city. Eventually you'll gain access to a traditional Hylotl architect, and a modern architect to help you build as many settlements as you want.

    New dungeons: The Ancient Tech Dungeons: These dungeons will appear on any planet except garden, ocean, arctic, toxic, and magma. They will appear on moons. These dungeons are protected and require tech to get through, and will eventually include a challenge gate. I hope that it encourages you to remember the planet you first saw it on so that you'll return when you have the correct tech unlocked/equipped.

    New dungeons: Bounties. Found on every biome except moon, garden, and ocean, these special NPCs are harder than usual enemies but will drop a large amount of pixels if you find them.

    New dungeon: Build Your Own Base: Found on moons and friendly ancient planets, these are modified sci fi dungeons that have a quest giver in them that will help you turn an empty dungeon into a base to call your own.

    New quest lines to Starbound's villages!

    Avian airship captain will guide you to building an Avian settlement for his crew
    Random Glitch blacksmith will make armor stands in his quest line
    The castle servant will appear randomly in Glitch castles, and will take you through a quest line to help make you the king or queen of that castle.
    The Wizard Merchant will take you on a weird quest line to help expand his keep and make you a wizard as well.
    Glitch Village Guard in Glitch Villages will help fortify the town
    Hylotl found in random igloos on cold planets needs a new friend
    Apex researcher found in Apex towns will help research for the MiniKnog
    Avian village guard in Avian villages really wants to be a chef and needs help
    A mushroom friend in mushroom villages can't really be understood, but you try
    Floran advisor to the village chief in Floran villages will make you an honorary member of the village
    Rich Avian merchant in those little Avian caves you randomly find will buy random relics from your journeys for a good amount of pixels.
    A Human commander needs your help in USCM bases.

    New stuff underground!

    The following dungeons can now be found underground in Apex, Avian, Floran, Human, Glitch, and Outpost variations:

    - The Mole Merchant: Sells either upgraded pickaxes or drills
    - Underground Explorer: You're probably not the only one exploring underground in the Starbound universe, so I tossed some more life underground. Offers basic quests like needing torches and bandages to continue exploring.
    - Underground Miner: Since ores are so needed in the Starbound universe, I figured there would be more miners under ground too. They'll follow you around and offer basic quests like helping them find a certain ore.
    - Underground costume sellers: Will either sell costumes from sub surface biomes or main biomes
    - Underground blueprint seller: Will sell you blueprints of the various furniture you find in sub biomes.
    - Underground bard: Sells musical instruments.

    Ancient Star System
    - Includes friendly planets that have 1-3 friendly settlements (like Glitch village) at threat level 6 with garden, forest, and arid planets.
    - Includes dangerous planets that have 1-3 dangerous settlements (Glitch castle) at threat levels 6-7 with alien and jungle biomes.
    - Ancient planets at threat levels 7-8. These planets include ancient villages, ancient sites, ancient dig sites, ancient boss battles, and more. New lighting, different weather, different underground biomes, different capsules, and more.
    - Ancient tentacle planets at threat levels 8-9. Includes all of the above ancient stuff along with battles against tentacle enemies. Requires a new suit to get to.
    - A new outpost, the Research Center, accessed only by gates in the Ancient Star Systems. Has a new quest line, new weapons, new armor

    Basically Ancient Star systems are kind of like an expansion pack for the main game once you've finished exploring lava biomes to your heart's content. I hope you all enjoy it!


    Q: Why can't I find the dungeons?
    A: The game is currently only allowing either one or zero dungeons to appear above ground, so this mod will compete with spawning against the normal dungeons. The easiest to find is the Wandering Hylotl, since no other dungeons appear on ocean planets.

    Q: Is this mod incompatible with anything?
    A: It shouldn't be, but I still need to add a few things to the patch system like the NPCs and dungeons, but I'm pretty sure other mods don't mess with them.

    Q: Do I need to reset my universe?
    A: Nope, just move your coordinates away from your current spot (so that your navigation system says "PROCESSING") and new planets you explore should now have the dungeons.

    Q: Do these dungeons only appear once?
    A: Nope, they'll appear like other dungeons, so you can find another one. The quest line, however, can only be completed once per type of dungeon.

    Q: Can the game tell if I build a structure or not?
    A: Sadly not yet, but hopefully in the future. It's up to you to figure out if you want to build a complex house, a really simple one, or just throw the materials away. It's up to your imaginatiiiiiiioooooooon.

    Q: I found a Glitch castle/Floran village/USCM base, but no quest giver, what gives?
    A: The quest giver for those areas are only in randomly generated parts that don't always appear, otherwise they'll appear multiple times like the mushroom dude (who'll soon be fixed).

    Just unzip the file, place it in /mods under/giraffe_storage, and you should be good to go!

    Basically when I run through the game I almost never stick to any planet, just take out the resources and use my ship for everything else. The whole point of this mod is to get you to actually remember these planets, and to get you to come back again, and again. If you have any suggestions, comments, thoughts on balancing, please let me know. I hope you all enjoy the mod!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. sssancientdungeon.png

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