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Starbound Patch Project 1.5.5

Fixes hundreds of typos, incorrect item properties, texture issues, and even some rare crashes.

  1. Update 1.5.5

    The Electric Skimbus no longer has a half missing frame.

    The Quagmutt hunting table action figure drop assignment now points to a valid object.

    The Grappling Hook now uses the correct tooltip type.

    The Standard Issue Armchair and Primitive Armchair now have cover layers.

    Several small versions of ships used in the intro cinematic had erroneous extra pixels removed.

    The Hylotl Curator's species specific dialog now works.

    Tonauac and Baron now use species specific interaction dialog during story quests if applicable.

    A valve on the t4 Novakid ship is no longer missing pixels.

    The Penguin General, Penguin Trooper, and Penguin Rocket Trooper now have proper names, descriptions, and terrain collisions.

    More typos were fixed.
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