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Starbound Patch Project 1.5.5

Fixes hundreds of typos, incorrect item properties, texture issues, and even some rare crashes.

  1. Update 1.5.2

    Seemingly random black pixels have been removed from the teleport cinematics.

    The Armored Cultist/Cultist General set had missing icons, incorrect values, and several other issues fixed.

    The eyebrows of the Apex on the Calming Poster are no longer the default color seen on the Apex sprite sheet.

    The volcanic chest treasure pool is now used where it was intended, rather than the volcanic treasure pool.

    Some safeguards against crashes have been added to the techupgrade.lua file.

    The multiplayer menu background no longer has mangled shine and drop shadows.

    The Grass Remedy is now held correctly.

    The Poison Antidote no longer has a max stack size to match other status cure and resistance items.

    The Station Transponder now has the Tool category instead of none.

    Even more typos were fixed.

    Special thanks to Silver Sokolova, Armok, and rl-starbound for some of the fixes added in this update.
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