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Starbound Patch Project 1.5.5

Fixes hundreds of typos, incorrect item properties, texture issues, and even some rare crashes.

  1. Update 1.5.1

    Several more typos were fixed.

    Some references to cut lore were removed thanks to Armok.

    The Swansong fight hat timers added to some attacks so they would not get stuck thanks to Kherae.

    Several more UI and menu issues were fixed thanks to Silver Sokolova.

    The Fire Resist Augment texture has been shifted one pixel over so it is aligned correctly in EPP tooltips.

    The Electric Resistance buff icon has been updated to use the newer Electrified debuff icon as a base.

    Apex City building2clue now has the same loot table fix as its non-clue counterpart.

    The Avian and human female body textures each had a miscolored border pixel corrected.

    Reverted a fix to upgradeablecraftingobject.lua because it was not working correctly for everyone.
    This fix is likely to return with better implementation later on.
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