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Outdated STARBOUND: New Origins ENRAGED | 0.5d

A Non Linear Total Conversion of Starbound

  1. SBNO 0.5d Hotfix

    The | Suit
    Note this is a small hotfix to fix the issue of black smith upgrade being too hard to find. As well an issue with night time monsters causing the game to get stuck.

    Sorry for the delay I was on vacation for past 3 weeks.
    The next update will probably be to add compatibility to the "progression" update.

    After that will be a major overhaul I will be merging Unique Loot and SBNO into a single mod. To make things easier for me in terms of maintaining the mod. I will be adding a lot more Race...
  2. Enraged 0.5c - Fix For Latest Unstable Update

    The | Suit
    This patch makes the mod working again for the latest unstable
    It also adds much more compatibility with other mods
    If you download any mod which uses the Tier 2 - 10 you can now download the Tier Unlocker Patch http://www.mediafire.com/download/hp7p6r27u0ghlzg/SBNOTierUnlocker.rar

    This Patch adds another set of unlockers specifically for tier 2 - 10. Hence making most other mods now compatible.

    Also it makes race mods more compatible. Though you will still require a patch. The...
  3. File Reupload

    The | Suit
    Not really sure why the other link was not pushing the update - might have something to do with the names being same.

    Repushed update under a different name. Beam axe + starting loot should now be coming to newly made characters.
  4. 0.5a Hotfix

    The | Suit
    207. Starting characters were missing important starting loot [Thanks Slovenkian]
  5. Long Awaited 0.5

    The | Suit
    0.5 has taken its time - many of the frame works originally implemented have been remade.
    New file directory structure to more quickly move through the files.

    Most Notable Changes
    • Energy Regen has been re-enabled. Though much slower 10% of vanillia.
    • More Items to regenerate energy - Food \ Drinks \ Batteries
    • Monster all have unique loot drops - which is used as alchemical ingredients and consumables
    • The Loot system is...
  6. 0.4 The Massive Update

    The | Suit
    I am sorry 0.4 took so long. But it was well worth the wait. Almost 100 changes have come since 0.3 - and the entire system now uses merge files. So it offers much more compatibility. But this still requires to be the first in the load order never the less.


    Major Changes
  7. Starbound New Origins: Version 0.3

    The | Suit
    [Press Read More to see Full changelog in Spoiler below]
    As always - Feed back and Bug Reports are much appreciated. Just please be detailed what the issue or imbalance is

    Notable changes are
    • Wooden Crates changed to 16 and 32. Since...
  8. Starbound New Origins

    The | Suit
    Version 0.2 is out. [Press Read more to see changelog]
    Notable changes are

    • Reworked healing rate for beds.
    • You now start with a tent.
    • All farmables + meat are now able to converted to Data Bits
    • Stone Axe and Pickaxe "fixed" properly to survival
    • Tree Trunk as starting craftable table.
    • Food heals you [much slower then bandage]
    • Fish now drop "raw fish"
    Full changelog provided below.

    I just want to give a special mention to...