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Outdated STARBOUND: New Origins ENRAGED | 0.5d

A Non Linear Total Conversion of Starbound

  1. SBNO 0.5d Hotfix

    The | Suit
    Note this is a small hotfix to fix the issue of black smith upgrade being too hard to find. As well an issue with night time monsters causing the game to get stuck.

    Sorry for the delay I was on vacation for past 3 weeks.
    The next update will probably be to add compatibility to the "progression" update.

    After that will be a major overhaul I will be merging Unique Loot and SBNO into a single mod. To make things easier for me in terms of maintaining the mod. I will be adding a lot more Race specific custom items. To add more variety to the species. I also want to make it so the upgrade tree's each provide a viable option in terms of survival. So you don't need to play with another person. But that is more likely only after the progression update, as I am hoping to integrate it into the new quest system they have planned.

    Full changelog included in Mod.

    0.5d (Hotfix) [Enraged Koala]
    211. Night time monsters Not dropping loot - fixed. quadrupednight --> quadrupedNight (in loot list) [Thanks corrupt20x6)
    212. Issue with Blacksmith unlocker - appearing too little. Added it to other loot lists [previously only in apex desk] [Thanks corrupt20x6)
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