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Outdated STARBOUND: New Origins ENRAGED | 0.5d

A Non Linear Total Conversion of Starbound

  1. Enraged 0.5c - Fix For Latest Unstable Update

    The | Suit
    This patch makes the mod working again for the latest unstable
    It also adds much more compatibility with other mods
    If you download any mod which uses the Tier 2 - 10 you can now download the Tier Unlocker Patch http://www.mediafire.com/download/hp7p6r27u0ghlzg/SBNOTierUnlocker.rar

    This Patch adds another set of unlockers specifically for tier 2 - 10. Hence making most other mods now compatible.

    Also it makes race mods more compatible. Though you will still require a patch. The patch is extremely easy to make. A template patch has been made to make the process simpler
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/wyznnzl093q8dr4/patch template.rar

    Also as a quick Example here is the NovaKid+ patch [Note this is just a patch you will need original Novakid+ mod)

    Also this update also fixes the Loot Lists which actually did not include all the loot as it was suppose too

    It also adds energy regen to beds

    0.5b + c
    208. Changed codex.config to allow better custom race compatibility.
    209. Added Energy Regen to beds
    210. Fixed loot lists - so now all content in loot list is now available
    Please do note download if you do not use the latest unstable branch use 5b instead, until unstable goes to stable branch
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