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Outdated Starbound : Mass Effect Edition v0.3.1a

Mass Effect in Starbound

  1. v0.3.0 New Content | Enraged Koala

    Team SMEE
    - SMEE and all optional files are now modpak's.
    - More Enraged Koala fixes.
    - Wireless Sound System (WSS) for ship wide sounds, currently used by radio and galaxy console.
    - New re-shaded Normandy.
    - Medbay Bed is now responsive and shows current health
    - 2 new codex quests.
    - New loading Mass Relay.
    - Tier 1 helms air tank removed
    - Turian now have a mouth for "idle".
    - Optional species package for custom species Avali
    - Status pods now look like Prothean Beacons
    - New weapons

    We also recommend a ship wipe!
    So before you update to 0.3.0 to forget to stash away everything on your ship.
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