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Outdated Starbound Composer 0.8.6

Starbound Composer is an ABC editor/player/converter specifically designed for Starbound.

  1. Version 0.8.6

    FIX: Added support for .pak file format SBBF03.
    NEW: Unit length dialog now supports custom lengths (up to 1/128).
    NEW: Added Rename Track to edit context dialog.
    FIX: Rests with long fractions no longer breaki the parser.
    ENH: Credit header in ABC's now include the version number.
    FIX: Saving ABC files now correctly updates the remembers the last save directory.
    NEW: Added .modinfo support.
    ENH: Starbound install directory verifier now also accepts Linux and Mac OS X binaries.
    FIX: When using save all from the main window, cancelling the file dialog will abort the save, instead of just skipping the track.
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