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Outdated Starbound Composer 0.8.6

Starbound Composer is an ABC editor/player/converter specifically designed for Starbound.

  1. Version 0.8.4

    Version 0.8.4:

    FIX: Fixed Find/Replace and Realign Notes dialogs looking bad on Mac OS X.
    ENH: Piano roll visibility and zoom levels are now saved.
    ENH: The Change Unit Length dialog shows the current unit length by default (if listed), and falls back to 1/4 otherwise.
    ENH: The Change Key dialog shows the current key by default, instead of always defaulting to C Major.
    NEW: Added support for .modpak files.
    FIX: Fixed ABC generator not recognising keys with a flat (b) in them, producing ABC in the C key instead of the correct key.
    FIX: Duplicating and merging tracks now correctly aligns the track previews.
    FIX: Fixed realign notes being biased towards shortening/moving back.
    NEW: Added option to enable/disable the processing of pitch bending in MIDIs.
    FIX: Fixed default unit length used by the ABC generator.
    ENH: Generator produces / instead of /2 where applicable.
    MOD: Changed volume/pan dial tooltips to clarify they only affect playback, not the track/ABC itself.
    FIX: Mouse wheel no longer causes instruments to change when hovering over the instrument dropdown box.
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