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Outdated Starbound Composer 0.8.6

Starbound Composer is an ABC editor/player/converter specifically designed for Starbound.

  1. Version 0.8.3


    FIX: The checkbox to select tracks should now be aligned correctly.
    FIX: Fixed track buttons looking incorrectly on Mac OS X.
    FIX: Fixed toolbars looking weird on Mac OS X.
    FIX: The default L: header generated is now 1/4, instead of 1/8, as Starbound's default unit length is 1/4.
    FIX: Disabled support for multi-slash note-length shortcuts (// = /4, /// = /8, etc), as Starbound doesn't support these.
    NEW: Added support for LotRO's 'Transpose' annotation when parsing ABCs.
    NEW: The last open/save directories are remembered.
    FIX: The Apply Instruments button now changes instruments for all tracks if none are selected.
    ENH: Find/Replace dialog now opens with 'Find' field selected.
    ENH: Modified Open ABC and Open MIDI icons.
    ENH: The MIDI importer can now interpret pitch bending and produces additional notes where appropriate.
    ENH: Transformations done in the ABC editor are now applied immediately.
    ENH: Modified realign notes dialog to offer more precision options for different types of notes.
    ENH: Increased internal tick resolution from 384 to 120960 ticks per whole note. All tuplets can now be represented accurately.
    ENH: Mid-song key changes now include the mode where applicable (e.g. minor keys).
    FIX: Mid-song key changes now correctly change the key the ABC in generated in.
    ENH: Rests in chords are now written at the beginning of the chord, to make the resulting ABC more compatible with other ABC players.
    NEW: Added setting to either merge notes together by MIDI channel when importing MIDI files (default behavior), or to split them into individual tracks if they are in separate tracks in the MIDI file.
    NEW: Added setting to automatically re-align notes after importing MIDI files (enabled by default).
    NEW: Added quick realign option to ABC editor.
    FIX: Added sanity check when parsing MIDI meta messages. Malformed messages should no longer result in a corrupted import.
    ENH: Track sanitation now removes unnecessary tempo changes, and duplicate key/meter/etc changes.
    NEW: Piano roll highlights notes that are currently playing.
    FIX: Fixed bugs in .pak reader and optimized reading of .pak leaf blocks.
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