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Outdated Starbound Composer 0.8.6

Starbound Composer is an ABC editor/player/converter specifically designed for Starbound.

  1. Version 0.8.2


    FIX: The Change Key dialog now correctly formats the key in a way Starbound will recognise. It also shows a warning when trying to use modes unsupported by Starbound.
    FIX: Modified assets loading to more closely reflect the new asset structure: Only the paks in the assets folder are loaded, and all files in the assets/user folder are loaded (including paks).
    FIX: Changed default unit length to 1/4, instead of 1/8, to match the default of Starbound.
    FIX: Added track sanitizer, should get rid of duplicate tempo changes that cause errors when merging tracks together.
    FIX: Improved track length calculation.
    FIX: Merged tracks now only inherit headers of the first track, not all, to avoid clashes.
    NEW: Added Starbound auto-detection on Linux and Mac OS X.
    NEW: Added support for loading instruments out of .pak files.
    FIX: Corrected key signature handling to reflect changes in Furious Koala.
    NEW: Added support for staccato, tuplets and chord length specifiers.
    FIX: Export to Wav now checks volume and pan settings for tracks.
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