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Outdated Starbound Composer 0.8.6

Starbound Composer is an ABC editor/player/converter specifically designed for Starbound.

  1. Lrns123
    NOTE: To download, use the links in the description below!

    Starbound Composer
    Latest version: 0.8.6 - Last updated: Mar 29 2015

    Listen to your favorite ABC tunes!
    Want to listen to ABC tunes, but don't have the right instrument? Or don't want to start Starbound just to listen to it? Starbound Composer can play back ABC files exactly like Starbound does, with all the instruments available in Starbound.​

    Create and preview your own ABC tunes!
    Are you making your own ABC tunes, and do you want to listen what they sound like without having to constantly restart Starbound? Starbound Composer has a built-in ABC editor, so you can write your song and immediately preview it to hear what it'll sound like Starbound.​

    Band Previews!
    You can not just play back one single ABC file, you can play as many tracks simultaneously as you want, each with their own instrument. Perfect for creating and/or playing band songs.​

    Import MIDI
    Don't feel like writing everything by hand? Import a MIDI file and the ABC file will be generated for you. And unlike many midi-to-abc converters out there, Starbound Composer creates ABC's specifically designed to play in Starbound, so they'll sound as close to the original MIDI as possible.​

    Advanced ABC editing
    Want to do more complicated editing? Such as merging tracks together, transposing, changing keys or even re-aligning notes (to fix strange note lengths that can result from importing MIDIs)? Starbound Composer has all that and more built-in.​

    Piano Roll
    Would you like to visualize your ABC? In addition to the track preview, the ABC editor includes a piano roll allowing you to visualize your song similarly to MIDI editors.​

    Export to wav
    Want to listen to your favorite ABCs on regular media players or handheld devices? Render them to a wave file so you no longer need an ABC player to listen to them. You can also convert them to mp3 or similar formats afterwards using your favorite audio editor.​

    Compatible with modded instruments
    Starbound Composer does not come bundled with any instruments. All instruments are loaded directly from your own Starbound installation, including any custom instruments you have installed. This way you can hear what songs will sound like with any instrument, vanilla or modded.​

    - Download -

    Download Starbound Composer 0.8.6​

    - Screenshots -

    New (0.8.1):
    Old (0.8.0):

    - Changelog -

    Version 0.8.6:
    FIX: Added support for .pak file format SBBF03.
    NEW: Unit length dialog now supports custom lengths (up to 1/128).
    NEW: Added Rename Track to edit context dialog.
    FIX: Rests with long fractions no longer breaki the parser.
    ENH: Credit header in ABC's now include the version number.
    FIX: Saving ABC files now correctly updates the remembers the last save directory.
    NEW: Added .modinfo support.
    ENH: Starbound install directory verifier now also accepts Linux and Mac OS X binaries.
    FIX: When using save all from the main window, cancelling the file dialog will abort the save, instead of just skipping the track.
    Version 0.8.5:
    NEW: Added support for the new .pak format.
    Version 0.8.4:
    FIX: Fixed Find/Replace and Realign Notes dialogs looking bad on Mac OS X.
    ENH: Piano roll visibility and zoom levels are now saved.
    ENH: The Change Unit Length dialog shows the current unit length by default (if listed), and falls back to 1/4 otherwise.
    ENH: The Change Key dialog shows the current key by default, instead of always defaulting to C Major.
    NEW: Added support for .modpak files.
    FIX: Fixed ABC generator not recognising keys with a  flat (b) in them, producing ABC in the C key instead of the correct key.
    FIX: Duplicating and merging tracks now correctly aligns the track previews.
    FIX: Fixed realign notes being biased towards shortening/moving back.
    NEW: Added option to enable/disable the processing of pitch bending in MIDIs.
    FIX: Fixed default unit length used by the ABC generator.
    ENH: Generator produces / instead of /2 where applicable.
    MOD: Changed volume/pan dial tooltips to clarify they only affect playback, not the track/ABC itself.
    FIX: Mouse wheel no longer causes instruments to change when hovering over the instrument dropdown box.
    Version 0.8.3b:
    HOTFIX: Fixed mute button not working.
    Version 0.8.3:
    FIX: The checkbox to select tracks should now be aligned correctly.
    FIX: Fixed track buttons looking incorrectly on Mac OS X.
    FIX: Fixed toolbars looking weird on Mac OS X.
    FIX: The default L: header generated is now 1/4, instead of 1/8, as Starbound's default unit length is 1/4.
    FIX: Disabled support for multi-slash note-length shortcuts (// = /4, /// = /8, etc), as Starbound doesn't support these.
    NEW: Added support for LotRO's 'Transpose' annotation when parsing ABCs.
    NEW: The last open/save directories are remembered.
    FIX: The Apply Instruments button now changes instruments for all tracks if none are selected.
    ENH: Find/Replace dialog now opens with 'Find' field selected.
    ENH: Modified Open ABC and Open MIDI icons.
    ENH: The MIDI importer can now interpret pitch bending and produces additional notes where appropriate.
    ENH: Transformations done in the ABC editor are now applied immediately.
    ENH: Modified realign notes dialog to offer more precision options for different types of notes.
    ENH: Increased internal tick resolution from 384 to 120960 ticks per whole note. All tuplets can now be represented accurately.
    ENH: Mid-song key changes now include the mode where applicable (e.g. minor keys).
    FIX: Mid-song key changes now correctly change the key the ABC in generated in.
    ENH: Rests in chords are now written at the beginning of the chord, to make the resulting ABC more compatible with other ABC players.
    NEW: Added setting to either merge notes together by MIDI channel when importing MIDI files (default behavior), or to split them into individual tracks if they are in separate tracks in the MIDI file.
    NEW: Added setting to automatically re-align notes after importing MIDI files (enabled by default).
    NEW: Added quick realign option to ABC editor.
    FIX: Added sanity check when parsing MIDI meta messages. Malformed messages should no longer result in a corrupted import.
    ENH: Track sanitation now removes unnecessary tempo changes, and duplicate key/meter/etc changes.
    NEW: Piano roll highlights notes that are currently playing.
    FIX: Fixed bugs in .pak reader and optimized reading of .pak leaf blocks.
    Version 0.8.2:
    FIX: The Change Key dialog now correctly formats the key in a way Starbound will recognise. It also shows a warning when trying to use modes unsupported by Starbound.
    FIX: Modified assets loading to more closely reflect the new asset structure: Only the paks in the assets folder are loaded, and all files in the assets/user folder are loaded (including paks).
    FIX: Changed default unit length to 1/4, instead of 1/8, to match the default of Starbound.
    FIX: Added track sanitizer, should get rid of duplicate tempo changes that cause errors when merging tracks together.
    FIX: Improved track length calculation.
    FIX: Merged tracks now only inherit headers of the first track, not all, to avoid clashes.
    NEW: Added Starbound auto-detection on Linux and Mac OS X.
    NEW: Added support for loading instruments out of .pak files.
    FIX: Corrected key signature handling to reflect changes in Furious Koala.
    NEW: Added support for staccato, tuplets and chord length specifiers.
    FIX: Export to Wav now checks volume and pan settings for tracks.
    Version 0.8.1:
    NEW: Added volume and pan dials.
    FIX: Fixed tab order in dialogs.
    NEW: Added zoom buttons to piano roll.
    FIX: Instrument samples are now assigned correctly to unmapped semitones, using the sample of the nearest lower semitone, instead of the nearest higher or lower semitone.
    NEW: Time signatures are now reflected in the track preview and piano roll. Currently only the time signature in the header is used for visualization.
    NEW: Time signatures are now imported from MIDIs.
    FIX: Position indicator in piano roll should no longer show artifacts.
    Version 0.8.0:
    FIX: Move buttons are now disabled if the track cannot move in that direction.
    NEW: Added find/replace dialog to ABC editor.
    NEW: Added position indicator to ABC editor.
    NEW: Added options to quickly transpose a track an octave up or down in the edit context menu.
    FIX: Changed hotkey for merging to CTRL-J, and set the hotkey for Mute Selected to CTRL-M.
    NEW: Added mute selected tracks to Tracks menu.
    FIX: Added additional spacing around ABC editor status widgets.
    FIX: Soloing an already solo'd track now unmutes all tracks.
    NEW: Added save selected and save all options to the File menu in the main window.
    FIX: Apply instrument now only changes the instrument on selected tracks.
    FIX: Moved 'Remove all tracks' away from 'Remove selected tracks' in the toolbar, to avoid accidentally misclicking.
    NEW: Added save and save as options to the edit context menu.
    NEW: Added solo option, which mutes all other tracks.
    NEW: Added hotkeys for play and stop: F5 plays, F8 stops.
    NEW: Added play/stop buttons in the ABC editor.
    FIX: The ABC generator no longer creates multi-measure rests, as Starbound doesn't support them (yet).
    FIX: Closing the main window now exits the program, even if ABC editor windows are open.
    NEW: Added Piano Roll view to the ABC editor.
    NEW: It is now possible to specify the desired instrument in the ABC file using I: Instrument <name of instrument>.
    NEW: Clicking on the edit icon now automatically opens the ABC editor. Right-clicking it brings up a context menu with additional options.
    NEW: Added option to change the color of the notes in the track preview.
    NEW: Added options to enable or disable the rendering of measure lines and octave lines in the track preview.
    FIX: The Change Key feature placed a space between the tonic and mode, which couldn't be parsed by Starbound, this is now fixed.
    NEW: The default instrument is now saved, instead of defaulting to Accordion.
    NEW: Added update check. You'll now be notified if there's a new version out.
    NEW: Added option to disallow zero-length notes when re-aligning.
    NEW: Clicking in the track preview will move playback of all playing tracks to that position.
    Version 0.7.3b:
    FIX: Instruments in the mods directory should now load correctly.
    Version 0.7.3:
    NEW: Imported MIDI tracks are given a title based on their channel number and instrument.
    FIX: The track preview has a minimum size now. This prevents the preview from being squished into a single pixel if the main window is made too small.
    FIX: Long titles no longer cause the previews to misalign.
    NEW: Added support for bar lines and meters.
    NEW: Clicking the stop button twice will stop any sounds still playing.
    FIX: Fixed MIDI parser hanging when reading certain corrupt mid files.
    NEW: ABC editor now shows line and column number, and the total number of lines and characters.
    NEW: Import from clipboard can now handle importing of files (abc or mid).
    MOD: Import from clipboard hotkey changed to Ctrl-V.
    FIX: Importing from clipboard now correctly resyncs the track previews.
    NEW: Instruments can now be loaded from the mods directory. (Enable this in preferences)
    FIX: Position bar no longer stops at the start of the last note.
    NEW: ABC generator now uses multi-measure rests (Z) where applicable.
    Version 0.7.2:
    FIX: Multi-measure rests should now be parsed correctly.
    FIX: MIDI's playing at default tempo now generate a correct Q header.
    NEW: Added Installer
    Version 0.7.1:
    FIX: Muted tracks still played when clicking the play button.
    Version 0.7.0:
    First public release

    - Bugs & Suggestions -
    Starbound Composer is still in development and I welcome all feedback. If you've found a bug or have a suggestion, please post it here.

    - Support -
    If you enjoy Starbound Composer and like to support me, spread the word and let people know about it.
    I've developed Starbound Composer in my free time and I'm providing it for free, so any financial support would also be greatly appreciated
    PayPal Disclaimer: I do not represent a non-profit organization, so while the button above says 'donate', it's donate in the sense of 'buy me a coffee', not 'support this charity'. Your donations are therefore not tax deductible.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 0.8.6
  2. Version 0.8.6
  3. Version 0.8.5 (minor update)

Recent Reviews

  1. Circle Cell
    Circle Cell
    Version: 0.8.6
  2. Superchumpkin
    Version: 0.8.6
    Great Program
  3. Knightyblock
    Version: 0.8.6
    I can't get it to start, It says:

    This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt program "windows".

    Available platform plugins are: windows.

    Reinstalling the program may help fix this problem.
    I see the Qt file in the folders, why wont it start?
  4. GoldBacon
    Version: 0.8.6
    I need it for a mac...
  5. Rexzo Kuxne
    Rexzo Kuxne
    Version: 0.8.6
    It's great just for some reason it won't detect the modded instruments. The box is checked in preferences I've tried almost everything put the mod in giraffe only, koala only, both storage's, unchecking the box, rechecking it, leaving it as a .modpak in the mod folder, having it as a folder, having a copy of both folder and .modpak. Looking on the internet for answers. google, Reddit, the community page. Hopefully I'm not the only one who's had/has this problem..and I'm using a Windows computer btw.
    1. Lrns123
      Author's Response
      The current version does not yet support the storage directories. As a workaround, put the mods in path/to/starbound/mods directory, instead of path/to/starbound/giraffe_storage/mods.
  6. Hypercmd
    Version: 0.8.6
    1. Lrns123
  7. Gir554
    Version: 0.8.6
    Excellent program, though it would be really nice if it was updated to check the new mods directory rather than the old one so I don't need duplicates of my instrument mods.
  8. baconsama25
    Version: 0.8.6
    It's a great tool! Helps a lot on importing songs from internet or simply running them without starbound open.
  9. TheBrickNinja
    Version: 0.8.6
    It is quite a good program. It would be excellent but on my mac none of my modded instruments are showing up and that is quite disappointing.
  10. rheinzo
    Version: 0.8.6
    You are a life saver... Thank you so much.