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Starbound 40k: Weapons of the Imperium 1.3.3 Heavy Bolters

Adds craftable Imperial weapons from Warhammer 40k.

  1. Heavy Bolters

    Added the Heavy Bolter to the Imperial Arsenal, far more powerful than regular bolters, but also more bulky and unwieldy. You won’t be able to run, jump, and dash like a Jedi while hefting this beast.

    Special thanks to AlbertoRota for being the one to finally figure out how to add status effects to weapons. With this breakthrough, there will be more heavy weapons to follow.
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  2. New Lasguns, sfx, overcharge, and fixes

    Changed the chainsword sound effect to something a little less obnoxious. See if you can recognize it.
    Added the Ryza-Pattern Lasgun and Laspistol
    Added the Overcharge ability to lasguns, firing a more powerful shot at the expense of more energy per shot
    Nerfed pistol damage as they really shouldn’t be over twice as powerful per shot as rifles.
    Increased the rate of fire for bolters by just a bit.
  3. Special-Issue Ammunition

    Tier 4-6 level bolters now have the ability to cycle through a selection of special elemental ammunition.
  4. Chainswords

    Added three different patterns of one-handed chainswords, as well as an Eviscerator. However, these should still be considered partially works in progress, as I'm still working on figuring out animation files, and when I do I intend to make the chainswords animated.

    Other changes include:
    Fixed the Mk6 Kantrael Lasgun not being properly leveled.
    Added Marked Shot to the sniper rifles.
  5. alignment fixes

    Slight adjustments to the offsets. The weapons should now be properly aligned when used by vanilla races, fixing an issue I was previously unaware of because, like a doof, I spent two weeks of development playtesting these things with an Avali character (the irony of using xenos to playtest Imperial weapons is not lost on me), never occurring to me that they might line up with vanilla races differently. My bad.

    Also made the bolter projectile just a bit faster.
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    Alright, here we go, the one you loyal sons of the Emperor were all no doubt waiting for: BOLTERS!

    Specifically, five different patterns of bolters, four different patterns of bolt pistols, and two different patterns of stalker bolter. Naturally, bolters play a bit differently from lasguns. They have higher damage, but lower rate of fire and lower projectile speed. So they should still be relatively balanced.
  7. Sprite Update

    Just a slight graphical update on the sprites.