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[Starbound 1.3+] Tanz Tweaks - Textures! 1.1.0

Fixes, changes, or tweaks textures of objects and tiles!

  1. Splitting into two mods!

    I've decided to split this mod into two mods: Tweaks, and fixes. Tweaks was relatively easy to separate, Fixes has some updates coming before I upload that. Stay tuned!
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  2. Update for Starbound 1.0+

    Updated for Starbound 1.0+
  3. Added more stuff!

    Fixed and added some more textures.
    The Chucklefish intro now actually says "Chucklefish" and not "Chvcklefish", a handful of copper blocks are now paintable or fixed, and some more plant blocks are paintable. More details below.

    • Tweaked: Chucklefish opening cinematic now says "Chucklefish" instead of "Chvcklefish"
    • Tweaked: Plantblock is now paintable
    • Tweaked: Vine is now paintable
    • Tweaked:...
  4. 2-Stop Teleshop tweak

    Guess who's had some repairs?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This lady!

    Apologies for the small update. I'm working on getting back up to speed, I promise! c:
  5. More tweaks!

    More Tweaks!

    Tweaked more textures:

    • [FIX] marketstall1 (Less...
  6. Object textures added

    Tweaked textures:

    • [NEW] outpostfridge (Single-door, less cluttered-looking)
    • [NEW] marketstall1 (Orange plastic -> greenish wood)
    Older tweaks: (Moved off main page.)
    • woodencookingtable (Orange plastic -> greenish wood)
    • woodencraftingtable (Orange plastic -> greenish wood)
    • woodencrate1 (Orange plastic -> greenish wood)
    • woodencrate2...