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Outdated StarBooze™ - Open Source! 0.63

Adding a alcohol brewing concept to Starbound. Ales, Beer, Stouts, Ciders, Rum and Vodka!

  1. kingofcrows
    Due to Unforeseen circumstances I am currently unable to continue this mod at this time. Being that said, I am opensourcing this mod if anyone wants to jump the gun and continue this legacy.

    What is StarBooze™?

    Hey guys, glad you've dropped by! Starbooze is planned to be a rather large mod that focuses on alcohol and homebrewing! There will be many items and recipes I will be adding to this mod over the time and hopefully very fun and cool features!

    Have a Suggestion?
    Post it here!

    BriCiaru's StarBooze Startup Guide!

    First steps!
    - Get the BoozeKit.
    -> Ingredients:
    15 Empty Glass Bottles
    -> These can be obtained by smelting glass in a furnace. (If you cannot FIND glass, then try to locate fine sand and smelt that to make glass, then smelt to makes empty glass bottles.)
    10 Iron Bars
    5 Copper Bars

    - Place the boozekit an gather ingredients for:
    -- Rain Barrel
    -> 10 Iron Bars & 2 Wood Planks.
    --Sprouting Table
    -> 5 Fabric (This can be made using plant fibers on the Spinning Wheel), 1 Torch, 5 Unrefined Wood
    --Mashing Tun
    -> 25 Cobblestone, 10 Iron Bars, 5 Copper Bars
    -- Fermenter
    -> 10 Copper Bars, 10 Iron Bars, 2 Wood Planks
    --Wine Press
    -> 5 Iron Bars, 25 Wood Planks

    Crops That Are a NECESSITY(required) for WartWine & most drinks:
    Sugar, Wheat and grapes.
    (I, BriCiaru, would recommend the mod Seed Extractor, as getting sugar was very challenging just to find the PRODUCE. With Seed Extractor, you can use the produce of items and use them on the extractor to receive the seed. This includes Yellow, Blue, & Red Flower Petals)

    Now you have the starting tools. This is how you make your first drink! We'll make Wartwine. Yum.
    1. Make some Empty Bottles [these can be made with 1 plant fiber in the boozekit] (note how I said empty bottles, not empty GLASS bottles) and use them in the rain barrelt to fill with water.
    2. Use 3 bottles and one wheat in the Mashing Tun to make 3 Grain Water.
    3. Use sugar with the grain water in the mashing tun to make Yeast Water.
    4. Grow and harvest Wartweed and Grapes.
    5. Use the grapes in the Wine Press to make Grape Mash. (x2)
    6. Combine an Empty Glass Bottle, Yeast Water, 2 Wartweed, and 2 Grape Mash in the Fermenter to make Wartwine! Now we can have poached avesmingos, too! (if you have the recipe. xD)

    Lastly, one ingredient left is Malt. This is used to make Ale, mostly.
    To make Malt, you need wheat seeds.
    1. Put the wheat seeds in the rain barrel to make Soaked Wheat.
    2. Put the Soaked Wheat in the Sprouting Table to get Sprouted Wheat.
    3. Smelt the Sprouted Wheat in a furnace to get Malt!
    4. Smelt again to make Dark Malt.


    Current Features
    • Various amounts of alcohol to brew, including already in-game drinks!​
    • 2 new kinds of farmable plants HOPS! and CINNAMON!​
    • Booze Kit! Allows you to craft items such as placeable bottles and different machines!​
    • Fermenter! Allows you to starts crafting different alcohols, from ales to wine!​
    • Mashing Tun! Allowing you to craft materials used in alcohol making!​
    • Distillery! Allowing you to create your own distilled alcohols!​
    • *NEW* Wine Press! Squeeze grapes for wine and apples for cider!​
    • New decorative objects such as placeable bottles, crates and more!​
      The Intoxicated effect still has a lot of kinks I want to work out, but is coming along nicely, I have plans to add on to this later on!​
    How does the mod work?
    So, lets go ahead and explain some things, shall we?

    Inside the crafting table is this little gem, this will get you started doing some cool stuff. It's called the Booze Kit. This kit will allow you to start crafting some machines and other items! In order for you to craft this place some sand in a stone furnace, producing glass, place said glass back in the furnace to get the glass bottles needed!

    From there you probably may want to invest in some materials to get this fancy gadget! A Rain Barrel! It allows you to collect water in an empty bottle. Water is pretty essential in the making of alcohol. Soak wheat seeds in here to create soaked wheat!

    The Mashing Tun is going to be another great investment! This will allow you to start crafting some very essential ingredients to craft your alcohol! But before you do that, you may want to also invest in making one of these:
    The Sprouting Table is essential to create a Sprouted Wheat! Sprouted wheat is essential in creating things like malt and wort! Place soaked wheat inside here to create the sprouted wheat!

    Once you have all of these items created and working, you're now ready to make your first brew!

    The Fermenter is where all the magic happens! This allows you to start brewing different alcohols from ingredients you've found, grown or crafted! Definately worth all the material!

    The alcohols you make, while few now, will eventually increase and even have racial brews! As of now, the new brews that have been added have an Intoxicated effect added to them, hurting the player for a bit of damage every 3 seconds. Here are some of the brews added, the effects are subject to change. From left to right:​
    1. Wheat Beer: Adds +25 to Food​
    2. Tiy Lager: Adds +30 to Food​
    3. Coal Stout: Adds +30 to Food​
    4. Pale Ale: Adds +10 to Food​
    5. Lager: Adds +15 to Food​
    6. Grape-Infused Lambic: Adds +15 to Food​

    What Else?
    Besides the main features above, we've also added HOPS to the game, a farmable resource!





    - Added Fruit trees! (Apples, Pears, Coconut and Peaches)
    - Added Pear Mash
    - Added Peach Mash
    - Changed Apple and Grape Mash Graphic & Obtaining Method
    - Added Pear Juice
    - Added Peach Juice
    - Added Coconut Milk
    - Added Perry
    - Added Perry Bottle
    - Added Hard Apple Cider
    - Added Distillery
    - Added Rectified Spirits
    - Added Honeysuckle Plant
    - Added Honey Trumpet
    - Added Peach Schnapps
    - Added Grape Schnapps
    - Added Apple Schnapps
    - Added Banana Schnapps
    - Added Cinnamon Schnapps
    - Added Cinnamon Farmable
    - Added Cinnamon Item
    - Added Caramel
    - Added White Rum
    - Added Amber Rum
    - Added Aged Rum
    - Added Dark Rum
    - Altered some of the effects with alcohol, this is still being worked on​

    Unzip and place in your mod folder.


    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


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    Version: 0.63
    It seems to be a very complete and interesting mod, but the download link is offline.
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    excellent mod to produce beer (besides giving several new grocery objects)
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    As an avid booze drinker myself, I think this is a damn GREAT mod. Well done good sir, well done indeed!
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    Version: 0.62
    Excellent ! One of my favorite mod ever. Played since ... Before meadery update (yes i know i'm late to review). I love this mod, i love the art and i love be virtually drunk (cheaper and much safer than the real life). By the way : Where the hell are those bees ? I didn't find them anywhere.
    A super mod, i recommand it with no compromises.
  9. Damiano de' Caretti
    Damiano de' Caretti
    Version: 0.62
    Excellent indeed...may I ask if I can have the permission to implement this modification in a modification pack?
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    Version: 0.62
    Everything looks amazing so far, but I seem to be having an issue with hops. I can't find them on planets, or make then with the printer. Am I missing something?