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StarBender 1.7

StarBender - Drain the power from 72 materials - Pleased Giraffe

  1. Compatibility with Pleased Giraffe

    - Just an update for compatibility with Pleased Giraffe, enjoy :)

    I alone can't test each and every mount/transform so there might be errors but with those I tested there were no errors, so if you come across any kind of problem please contact me.

    Here's a short list of things that needed to be changed in case some other modders need to figure out what they have to change:

    interface craftingtable => crafting

    quest conditions...
  2. Minor fix

    Hi guys, this is just a small fix, I noticed one sound file was missing, so I fixed that. Those that have Starmount installed should be fine, but those that only use Starbender could hear error sound when using thrower projectiles and should download this update.
  3. Update for mining power

    - As requested I changed how mining works since it was to strong, so now it will be tiered, stronger rod = stronger mining power, just like projectile power.
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  4. Very minor fix

    - Fixed Starbender description (removed Melee Attack since its not used/implemented)
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  5. Minor fix - animations and tech info

    - Fixed Starbounder tech info, forgot to add "Tap Left/Right: Dash", "Tap Jump: Double Jump"
    - Added animation reset (when you transform out or die) for liquid elements (water, lava, poison)
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  6. Projectile and wav fix

    - Fixed Moonrock projectile
    -Added remastered wave files, thanks MrChow for fixing them, it really sounds better
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