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Star Wars: Leia Organa, Weapons & More One with the Force

Journey through galaxies far, far away as Leia Organa, with classic weaponry and familiar furniture

  1. Remembering a Warrior Princess

    I'm sure all who have downloaded this mod have by now heard of the tragic loss of the actress who gave Leia life, actress Carrie Fisher, as well as the passing of her iconic mother a day later. As someone who has loved and been inspired by her and her character since I was a small child, I have been deeply affected by Carrie's passing. I always hoped that I would meet her some day and tell her what she and Leia meant to me all my life. After mourning for a while, I realized that all those...
  2. A Sith saber?


    Includes a red version of Leia's cyan lightsaber, although it's blade is a tad shorter. It was requested in my discussions tab, and my boyfriend made it for the mod. The saber also uses the same alt ability currently, but know that I do plan to make a custom one for it down the road. It does use Darth Vader's hilt, and is actually meant to go with this costume (when it's finished):
    Inspired by this fan...
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  3. Recipe fix!

    -Fixed my error in the recipe file for E11 blaster rifle. Upper tiers now only require 1 of the previous blaster. Sorry for that
  4. Leia has re-entered the battlefield

    Finally updating! Basic list of changes/additions:

    -Leia's Lightsaber has been remade! Using the alt-ability "Cyan Slash", sends you on a forward flip through the air swinging the lightsaber. You can do this mid-air as well!

    -The Electrostaff uses the same physical move as the cyan slash, but it cannot be used mid-air. It does, however emit electricity upon your enemies

    -Human eye minor-mod option omitted. I figured if anyone wanted it, there are better options available. If anyone does...
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  5. Tiered Weapons/Graphics Revision/Human Eye Option

    Tiered Weaponry Added and Updated: The initial weaponry I created wasn't my best work. It was criticized for being too thin, and upon re-examination, I felt the same way too >_< So all of the weaponry has been remade, and they all now have alt abilities! It's important to note that they now all emit the proper blaster sound from the films! Leia's DDC Defender pistol was tough to find. They follow the recipes of the vanilla tiered weapons, and each use the tier that came...
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  6. The Heart of the Rebellion

    Updating the Leia Organa mod for Glad Giraffe standards. Still not including the updated weapons. They're still a fix in progress. This update also adds/changes a few minor things:

    -Price increase on Tantive IV wardrobe
    -Ceremonial caped sleeves jump animation fix
    -Ceremonial braid back item (recolored the slave braid because it worked :p)
    -Ceremonial half wig added to wear with ceremonial braid

    What to expect for future Leia updates?
    I *am* working at fixing Leia's weaponry. I plan to...
  7. "That boy is our last hope." "No...there is another."

    So finally a very quick update to refresh Leia for the Pleased Giraffe stable update! Here's what's new:

    - New storage for Leia's clothing: The Tantive IV wardrobe. This is the first piece of a Tantive IV furniture set I've been designing. A Tattooine furniture and tileset isn't too far off either :p

    - All objects now craftable on a basic wall panel, as seen above. You can still use the Old Republic Wardrobe if you desire, but this is a less bulky...
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  8. Upbeat Giraffe update, wardrobe, and nostalgic storage

    Finally updated to Upbeat Giraffe >_<! A VERY special thanks goes out to xxxswatelitexxx for the advice in helping me to update this mod. Also a VERY VERY special thanks to my bf who did more work than I in updating the files for this mod to Upbeat Giraffe standards.

    This mod was ready to update over a year ago, but alas it never was. The additions are minor, but to begin with the clothing and wigs of this mod are now craftable with the Old Republic Wardrobe. The design was of course taken...
  9. Jedi Knight Leia added + more!

    Jedi Knight Leia has been added! I'm Loving how she turned out, though she still needs a version with Jedi robes. Expect to see her Jedi robes next! I was going to wait and group that in with more additions, but that's going to take me more time than I originally thought >_< This is mainly due to the fact that I'm creating a wardrobe to act as a crafting station for Leia's attire. It's design will mimic that of the interior of the Tantive IV so that it can fit beautifully in with the ship!...
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  10. Updated for Enraged Koala

    No new content, just updating it to suit the patch. Lots of new content coming shortly though!