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Star Wars: Leia Organa, Weapons & More One with the Force

Journey through galaxies far, far away as Leia Organa, with classic weaponry and familiar furniture

  1. A Sith saber?


    Includes a red version of Leia's cyan lightsaber, although it's blade is a tad shorter. It was requested in my discussions tab, and my boyfriend made it for the mod. The saber also uses the same alt ability currently, but know that I do plan to make a custom one for it down the road. It does use Darth Vader's hilt, and is actually meant to go with this costume (when it's finished):
    Inspired by this fan art:
    In the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, in the 90s, there was a book called Dark Empire. On the cover, Luke wears a dark armor, very similar to Darth Vader's armor (in fact it may be the same). Anyway, I loved the way that it looked and apparently another artist did too. I wish I knew who to credit for the artwork above. It's stunning, and a great idea for a depiction of Leia. Anyway, expect to see this costume in a near future update as well ^_^ And yes, there will be a Darth Vader helmet and male version.
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