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Star Wars Community Mod 7.3

Star Wars Mod with Community Additions!

  1. More Armors, Start of Quest Chain

    Tons of changes. Lightsabers are no longer known recipes. The recipes are going to be rewards from quest. I got stuck on making the quest chain though. But the first quest to get the basic recipe works.

    Also added a rename object, you can put your lightsaber in it and have your name added to the lightsabers description. Buy it at the SWM crafting station.

    Also randomized lightsaber color and hilts, to cut back on the number of recipes.

    Hopefully by next week I can get some of the quest...
  2. Wookie and Zabrak stuff + some fixes

    Wookie Furniture Objects and recipes
    Wookie Lightsaber /spawnitem SWMwookielightsaber no recipe yet
    Zabrak Furniture Objects and recipes
    Zabrak Lightsaber /spawnitem SWMzabraklightsaber no recipe yet
    Force Shield & Recipe

    Updated/Recolored the Wookie and Zabrak ships. Trying to add a little customization to each species.

    All the Wookie and Zabrak decor has colonytags on them, too attracted tenants.

    Updated Mawg male/female head and Fem55 Hair
    Changed them so the ears...
  3. Races, Vehicles and more!

    Hanging Light
    Armoire Elegant
    AT-ST Chair
    Baby Colo Fish Tank
    Large Bed
    Cabinet Elegant
    Desert Speeder Vehicle
    Winnebago Vehicle (From spaceballs)
    Mawg species (From spaceballs)
    Updated the crossguard lightsaber recipe for all colors.
    Most cloaks now give breathProtection, so you can keep your appearence on airless planets and moons
    Added droid species (really sorry, looks horrible, but I suck at art. If anyone wants to make a better one, I'll gladly use it.)
    Updated Force...
  4. quick ithorian fix

    changed the heads too not be so huge
  5. Species and some small changes

    Added Ithorians
    Added Rodians
    Added Utapauns
    Added Zabraks
    Added Tuskans

    Added Tuskan Cycler Rifle

    Tuskans start out with a basic Gaderffii in their locker
    Wookies start out with basic Bowcaster in their locker
    Rodians start out with a basic DL-44 Blaster in their locker

    Changed Lightsaber graphics
    Added Force Grip. Hold down the primary fire for a second and then unleash on a target. You can lift them in the air for about 5 seconds. Soon as I figure out how to add some damage, I'll...
  6. Lightsaber Fix

    Just noticed all the crossguards except red were missing animationfiles and the icons were colored wrong. Fixed it.
  7. Art, species and more!

    Playable Toydarian race
    Custom Pit Droid pet for toydarian ship
    Tons of painting and statues from Star Wars Galaxies
    Stormtrooper armor T1-5
    Jedi Armor T1 and T2
    New Junk Ore added for Toydarian crafting
    Updated the crafting station with animation and seperate tabs for everything
    Added a few instruments from Star Wars Galaxies
    Added some Star Wars Music to play on instruments

    I still need to do a lot of work on Toydarian armor, sorry about that.
  8. Lightsaber Update

    Added more colors for the lightsabers, added a red doublesided lightsaber and a boba fett style wrist rocket.

    R2D2 Pet for wookie species is added.
  9. Content Update

    Added Wookie species
    Added Bowcaster
    Added Force Push
    Updated Jedi Robe graphics

    Looking for feedback, ideas and suggestions. If there is something you think would be good for the mod, or if you want to help out, leave a message!