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Star Wars Community Mod 7.3

Star Wars Mod with Community Additions!

  1. Fixes + additions

    Some of the armor wasn't showing on the Bazaar, fixed that.

    Added Kylo Ren's Armor to T6 tab.

    Added Crosshilt Lightsabers, you learn them the same time you learn the regular and doublebladed lightsabers.

    If you have already done the quest to get the lightsabers, and the new ones aren't showing, follow these steps.

    /spawnitem SWMyounglingcrosssaber-recipe

    As requested, added the option to "reroll" lightsabers. If you get a hilt/blade combo you do not like, you should be able to craft a new one using your old one as material.

    Added some more racial lightsabers. Wookies, Rodians,Droids, Bothan, Ithorians, Mawgs, Diathims, Siths, and Zabraks should all have racial lightsabers under the T6 ancient forge.

    As requested, added the option to dye Jedi robes and Stormtrooper armor.
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